Friday, March 9, 2012


I KNOW.  Fans and foes may be wondering, what the hell is going on by the concrete/asphalted island?

The truth is that I feel somewhat numb.  It is not that I do not care or have the will to continue the setting trends inclination that moved me from the beginning, with typical humility spanning the globe for the last five years.  Virtual and/or my imagination  or not. 

Just a few minutes ago I discovered that David Cristiani, is bilingual, having read his comment in some blog from the Iberian Peninsula.  Which is good. There is another blog I follow, Las Aventuras, whose author is also bilingual.  The big deal?  The islanders surrounding your humble servant, either do not have the guts to comment when in opposition or there  is not one practicing horticulture with the seriousness it deserves.

Another view on the subject, not bilingualism, instead, what kind of blogs people who do share their views check as  routine or once in  a while, denotes an inclination to stay on  top of what is happening here and there.   

In my case, having a certificate, with on hand training in the in the NY Botanical, with previous amateur experience propagating, collecting and planting since my college days, made me automatically an outcast here and anywhere else, thanks to my grouchy and abrasive, no prisoners taken position.

Back in the studio...There was another raid in the San Carlos abandoned building. Everything was 'destroyed'.  But as it happens, Nature, does not need us to come back. I have been checking out the scene and I declare that my practice of throwing Cosmos sulphureous seeds assuming the wind and rain will transport them to friendly spaces, was correct.  There are tens of young  ones coming along on the asphalt with only the dust/dirt/sand that rain and wind have accumulated due to the  ground inclination.

Another good news, worth mentioning... the concept 
 'garden in the roof ' previously mentioned and illustrated, has moved to another plane. In  the tropics, the  urban context, where I reside it is possible,  to propagate plants over concrete covered with leaves and dirt in the abandoned house next door.  The variation  on the theme is the inclination, plus the roots of vines growing north/south, decreasing the possibilities of erosion.

Finally, if you got this far...The discovery of a plant not a cereal, after listening to a radio program from Radio Nederlands. This plant is able to keep people alive for 3/4 years without anything else to eat.  Its saponins from the skin are also useful in many ways. The plant is  Quinoa, cultivated by the aboriginals, in the deserts of Bolivia and close by regions of South America  for hundred of years. If you want to read about this, go to Wikipedia, all the info required is there.

That is that. Thanks to all for the feedback.  Keep on  gardening with criteria. That is the fun of it.


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