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NOWADAYS  there is too much information available for the average Joe Sixpack. In my case I rather twist and shout, than tuit. Any jerk can write a sentence  out of the blue context and become a celebrity tuit like.

Following the previous chapter, I will start with the Church, the one I  really like.  ANY one would like them just for their Gregorian chants, liturgy and such.  In my childhood, up to adolescence I  used to visit the picturesque Savarona and the Caguas Country cathedral.  Therefore my connection with them and their prejudices of yesterday and obscurantism of todays.

I have a particular dislike of non Catholics with the same intensity I hate those who destroy Nature, particularly Adventists, thanks to me sister and husband who ripped me off.
I get along with them Hebrews, do not ask me ask me why. Perhaps it is result of having had a few affairs with the females of the clan and  proximity to their ways and culture. Pedro Werberg Carlton an Argentinian Hebrew, was also responsible for my sympathy.

How can anyjuan forget the role of the Catholic, looking the other way, with dictatorships in Guatemala, Honduras, Spain, Italy, Chile and Argentina in  the last hundred years, to name a few.

In the nineteen sixties, Cardinal Spellman incredible ritual, blessing them huge bombs to be dropped in Vietnam.
The pedophiles within  in Spain, USA, Italy, Ireland and the rest of the world and their protection by the hierarchy.  

I could forgive all the above. Including the collaboration with the kidnapping of negros, considered more productive than native Americans in those years when cotton, sugar cane, ruled the agrobusiness of those days.

Lets remind the younger ones that every church was involved in that cruel  barbarian trade, promoted by them Muslims, hunters and providers.

Church and State, united in profits.  I can not dismiss  any church opposing abortion and birth control. It is a crime no one could justify or forgive.  ANY person against these rights forgetting the excess population in most poor countries, should be flogged or shot. 

People whining about the global economic crisis, unemployment and warming, should open their eyes a little.  It is impossible for any job market, government or corporation to absorb billions of people.  Not to get into the working for peanuts or 12 hours a day, six days a week.

All churches are guilty of screwing up the globe with this dogmatic, narrow, primitive stance on birth control and abortion, just for a little parcel in after life heaven. Every state becoming a church accomplice,  on this regard, is also guilty.

Schools are part of the scheme. Where do people are formed to be law abiding, to respect, follow the herd, be obedient to family, church and state?  If the world is what it is, getting worse day by day, it is a result of all the crap we were taught in school, church, and family within our society. 

There is a need of a new register and reading of the issues. Why should single people, individuals pay more taxes thanthose  married with children?  They are the ones using their brains. No children equals no schools, nurseries, hospitals and else.

Regarding the hordes of illegals searching 'a better future' in every region of the globe, victims of abuse and exploitation, I say they they are ignored in their own third world frontier neighbors. Just heard about Peruvians in Chile for the first time. It is the exactly the same story as Mexicans in USA, Guatemalans in Mexico, Haitians in Dominican Republic and the latter in Puerto Rico.   Unwanted, despised, isolated cheap labor/slaves.

I expected some action from ALL those churches, when the mortgage
feces hit the fan, and many of their followers, fools or not, lost their houses unable to pay the monthly fee. The church could have provided non interest loans to their flocks, using their wealth as collateral. Unfortunately that did not happen.

Some readers may wonder, or not about all these issues. What is the big deal, if nothing presented here affects you directly.  But that is the great thing about unsolicited opinions. It bothers and irritates me.

Take Puerto Rico for example. A 100 X 35 concrete/asphalt isle, with almost 4 million people, 2 million vehicles polluting and jamming every street, highway and sidewalk.  There are between 50/100 universities offering every kind of degree imaginable. About one third are cheaper institutions, good or not, state colleges. But there are no jobs.

The predominant fools complaint about the college graduates emigrating to better prairies. It makes me happy to see them going.  It leaves more room to maneuver. They perceive education as an investment that should provide benefits to the investors in the isle. Puerto Rico is looking more and more like a cemetery that has been abandoned, weeds everywhere.

The economy, banks, industry, judiciary, news media, morals,  have collapsed. There are tens of economists spitting theoretical solutions.
Con la boca ser mamey, el esfinter, florete.

Finally, I feel some pity for young people.  The future, looks not only noisy, crowded and doomed.  It feels like quicksand, no matter what you do, the energy/effort you put to get out, is useless.  There are more people than ever on earth, very few with the riches, too many struggling.

The practice of horticulture, the discipline requires that one looks at things differently.  Considering I plant no edibles, the lack of rain is not a matter of life or death.  But I have been thinking the kind of stress farmers go through, depending on it, not to make money necessarily but just to live, precariously or not.

There are too many monitor environmentalists infatuated with technology. Aeolics, photovoltaics, electric automobiles and such. Automobiles, hybrids, electrics, occupy space. Traffic jams will not be different, because you are not burning gas. Therefore, is total stupidity to continue looking at life through automobile transportation for individuals. It does not matter if your battery last for 50/100/1000 miles, the jam will be there. 

that is that

Wow and guau
looks like an editorial


  1. Your mention of the Jews remind me of my days in Brooklyn, where the orthodox jews coexisted happily with the Irish and the Italian...and eventually Puerto Rican inmigrants.
    What ticks me off in religion is the horde mentality. When you do it it is an unforgivable sin, when I do it it is the exception of the rule.
    To marry again is an unforgivable sin, yet I could be with prostitutes all day and it would be acceptable.
    Sounds like that joke:

    Teresita, que quieres ser cuando grande?


    [escandalizada] pero como dices hija?


    Ahhh esta bien, pense que habias dicho protestante...

  2. Con prostitutas como ladies man retirado no podria estar, ni siquiera sabria como establecer un dialogo. Lo mio era levantar, pero sin mucha labia... Nunca he tenido hijos por decision propia, el matrimonio lo acepto, pero no tener hijos ya hay demasiados ninhos en el globo.

    Sobre los judios, comparti mas con ellas en Northampton, MA, que los que mencionas, pero tuve el placer de probar de su gastronomia, disfrutar su musica, i caminar por sus vecindarios en mas de una ocasion.

    Sobre el tema mas a fondo, me atrae el misticismo i podria hacer un voto de silencio en cualquier momento.


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