Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Random Unsolicited Opinions
or my beef against 
church, state, family and school 

I doubt if there is a better therapeutic way to vent and rant about those issues, trivial or transcendental, making our life miserable or somewhat annoying here and there than a blog. The reader comes and goes at will, returns or not. Express his/her opinion openly or remains silent.  

Some writers--I know one in a rain forest, good friend of a girl in  Florida that is friendly  with everyjuan and often present them with prizes; plants, seeds and such if you answer the trivia of the moment accordingly--do what you just read, others like yours truly rarely think about what will 
he/she will  have to say/think about this or that.

However, i would lie if not expecting some stats every morning, if the number is below the standard
I wonder. But in  the long run some readers flow for themes that I do not particularly care or do not for those I do. Writing is a trip in that sense. Now lets gets back in the studio.

This is the first post with 3 tittles.  Such is life.
The second and third are the best. The most relevant virtue of any blog is expressing opinions at will is an unsolicited act, one of my favorite expressions in the English language, not so common in my  vernacular.

Patriotism is a good start.  What was the reaction in USA, when the best boxer refused to go to Vietnam, and kill people who "had never called him nigger"? His own words.

During most of my life, all I see when I look around
is a world at war for any imaginable reason, logical, fair or not.  Apparently, the essence is often a desire to keep exploiting the working class. Any excuse is available. In the case of the former Cassius Clay, it was communism.

For the last four decades, one of these wars, is against the cultivation of  Cannabis sativa, Papaver Somniferum, and South America's best export, the family of Erythroxylaceae.

Remember Valium? In USA it became a plague, legal, mind you available with a prescription. Anphetamines were also the stimulant of choice for many housewives, overwhelmed with the Sunday soccer trips. Apparently the truth against the competition, is that capitalism does not tolerate or accept alternatives not under its absolute control.

Worst, the competition is from the third world. That can not be understood/tolerated. Even when the consumers demand and will do anything to obtain it from anyjuan at any price.

All the above involves state, church, family and school. All are accomplices in the dominant stupidity in most countries of the world.  Who would have imagined, ten years ago, working people, poor and middle class, tax payers everywhere,  will have to bail out  bankers, speculators and Wall St....

to be continued....


  1. wondering where this is leading...
    your discussion follows one we had yesterday on the doctor's office regarding accepted normal practice. As you said drugs were demonizied at certain point in time. Before, they were used to pacify histerism in women, or were momma little helpers, as in the rolling stones little song.
    In other issues, there are many subjects, one cannot cover them all. In my case that is why there are so many different agreggators on my page. I am not particularly fond of the local blogs that essentially all discuss the latest headline, meme or fad, usually involving sex or crude jokes. Still I check them ocassionally for the occasional gem.
    I dig your blogs because of the gardening and horticulture angle. Even when I am a gray thumb and am a weekend gardener, I have love for green areas, wildlife and appreciate plants and flowers.
    Plus as you have stated before, your input provides good ideas to continue posts or investigate new subjects.
    Waiting for parts 2 and 3 of the trilogy.

  2. Well the other parts or segues came and went without a prologue. Such is this time spent blogging.....but what you stated carries some weight. Expressing one's thoughts no matter what, should be in company of some criteria and credentials.......Preferably with a trajectory in time and space.


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