Friday, March 2, 2012


MY fans/foes may remember previous posts the abuse, regarding the riff raff owner, administrator, membership director in charge of LIVfitness Club, Condado, Puerto Rico.  These hicks and  native islanders without much traveling, think they are the last coke in the concrete/asphalt isle.

The hygiene, toilets, equipment, the classes are fine. However, the fire department code violations---In USA they would have been fined or closed---are not, fire exit doors locked to avoid illegal entry to the premises, people jamming the 6' wide hall,  consequence of the irrational scheduling of zumba/speening  classes, by  the room doors since every other class starts simultaneously, instead of lapses of 10/15 minutes in between.  The numb crowd gets in the way of people walking and or lifting weights.

The 200 hundred decibels of music is so annoying, excessive that one can feel the bass/thump ringing through your ear drums even with foam ear plugs reducing the damage by 35 decibels.  Or you can feel the thumping through the treadmill or stationary bicycles.  The huge pig headed swaggering trainer from the Bronx, once told me that the music volume makes difficult measuring the blood pressure. 

I spoke with all my congeniality from the very beginning with Chavis, Gross, and every other employee, dressed like funeral parlor staff--very cheap black jackets with worn out jeans--- in addition, sent about six emails requesting to keep the music volume down, being ignored by feeble minded creatures from Dixie land.

The LIV adventure came to an end probably when I hollered to one of the broken wrist staff: Is this a DISCO or a GYM?.  But that is not all. If you want to know how you can get out of your membership, let me know. There are scaling fees.  

The idea developed after me wife commented of the celebrity status the humble one has reached among some attorneys. They never heard of a cancellation from any gym membership. 

What I have accomplished deserves a statue. After all, I think the brutal intentional noise levels is to create room for new victims. To force those IN, OUT or become deaf while fit.

Now if you wonder about seniors at the club...I was the only one
wearing ear plugs...most of the them could not take it...So once
you leave they continue billing for two years!

Hey juat about that stupid YMCA video clip?

Glad you asked!

I agree and wonder  about the mental state in the USA at the time.
What was going in people's minds, the music fans buying this crap? 
The record companies, radio stations and television stations
playing it?

Getting to the point, it is simple. I am now body sculpturing, with Sergio Oliva's biceps/triceps in mind, at a local YMCA.  Not just for vanity, to be all I can be.  Two hundred pounds is the goal, 15 more than in me  20's. 
Some of the treadmills show rust, they move along me self making some racket. One can hear the humming of the equipment.  The dumb bells came probably with the May Flower,  the benches and such, ancient.  But what I need is QUIET. Conversations, the loud ones can be heard, but ear plugs will do the trick.  I will be handsome once again, no matter what. Even if the equipment is the latest
fad or similar to the ones used by them pilgrims.

The trainers are useful, not naughty like the jerks/jerkettes, except for one, at LIV.  Happy, almost like clam. The humble one.

that is that

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