Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I COULD have used some other tittle.

Lets see...Universidad Sagrado Corazon, the money making, third rate college institution, over rated and over charging for credit. It is only important among the students, staff,
president, dean, those making profits.

The community gets in return, 3 kinds of 
pollution. Noise, fumes, food stench, and iluminary contamination.

USC pollutes perfectly. With total impunity and pride.
 Air with diesel/gas -1,200 cars daily, plus delivery trucks, trimmers, lawnmowers-food stench, Noise with teachers unable to modulate, constantly hollering, students, air conditioning chillers, concerts in the basketball court, noise in the swimming pool water filters motors.

The latest addition to this menu? 
Concentration camp security lights= luminous pollution.

Let the record show, this institution is not the only one guilty or ruining the quality of life for our community with all kinds of pollution.  Some individuals, natives and imported ones are also in this bag.  The  majority are of the illegal persuasion, working as handyman.

Attempts to solve these issues with Department of Health, Board of Environmental Quality 
Board, Ombudsman,  also failed. 

Fasten your seat belts..

USC   Collective enemy #1

Newest addition, luminous pollution

Daily garbage, noisy pick up truck

Callousness for the community

USC daily traffic jam morning/evening/night

Hollering bastard teacher

Air conditioning chillers

Propane with Pepsi

Meats and Potato chips

Weedwackers Gallery

Drums in the evening


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