Tuesday, August 16, 2011


A while ago I wrote a few words on this subject.  The place is 3 buildings on the same sidewalk before  La Casita Blanca an ugly, not so hot  gastronomically, at sky rocket prices for gullible tourists and natives.

The cultural/historical/anthropological importance of 331 Tapia St. is that it is owned by native islanders, in an area mostly invaded, crowded by originals from La Espanhola.

The music is mostly from Radio Voz la Emisora de la Salsa. The walls have some of the folk crafts done by Crispin Rivera, or juatever his last name is, bartender, chef and administrator of this timbiriche with good prices and air conditioned.  

I had the chance to take some photos on the paintings on the wall. The distortion and vivid colors, called my attention. Primitive, not schooled/trained or any other art defining concept come to mind.  These paintings violate the principles of proportion, perspective, and composition. 

But who cares? Van Gohg did it with his bedroom, that is the charm of distortion. I could not help but to enjoy them as I had my shots of Medalla/Palo Viejo...however, the virtue I enjoy the most at 331 Tapia St, is the wide possibilities of conversation.

They cover the whole ground. Politics, economics mostly international, there is not much to discuss about the concrete/asphalt except that it is bankrupt, morally, economically, socially and culturally.

Crispin and your humble servant have exchanged all sorts of plants, seeds and produce.  What I like the best is our conversations about gastronomy, recipes, procedures, agriculture, insects, birds in our urban context and his original, the rural. Always stimulating, and believe me, down here a good conversation is like one of those black pearls..

that is that 

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