Sunday, August 7, 2011


ONCE a time upon, people used to write letters in paper and other available cellulose material. Some Juan, left the following in the mail box.  

Dear Antigonum Cajan,

I hope in God you and your family are doing fine. From my part,  I can say/write, all is quiet on the eastern front. Considering people do not use paper to write letters any more to protect trees, I did the contrary.

I have been following your harsh, bitter, bullying, burning bridges, unforgiven, angry, not humble at all,  botanical and literary career during the last five, since the endemismotrasnochado era.  Why do I get the feeling that, friends or followers is something you are not striving for?

In truth, this is a portrait in words. inspired by Spanish masters from medieval times.  I believe, judging from your trajectory, word usage, intention and meaning that you may enjoy it since you  have written similar vignettes about people, alive or dead.  If you do not publish it will not take my sleep away. 

the pigheaded patriot
as told to 
antigonum cajan
Some Juan

Mr. Pighead, had some dubious hair, if you get my drift,being a result of miscegenation, however he appeared white or pale, except when looking at his ordinary lips, nose and small ears.

Mr. Cajan, do not be offended, it is not a request, but a mandate. I am not at all a  Caribbean white supremacist, nor do I admire Goethe or Nietsche, even though, Thus Spoke Zarathustra with the Berlin Orchestra under Claudio Abbado, is one of my favorites.

You may wonder if there is anything else about the patriot. Well, his jowls reminds one a bull dog.  The head, lacking a proper neck,  appears to be attached to the torso as if some islander frankistein.

When you observe my subject at some distance, he walks  swaggering, not like negroes, but simians and apes. No reason to wonder, his arms are about two inches below the knees.

He smiles often, showing that peculiar urge to make friends, to be cool and accepted. A master of chit chat. Liking the sound of his voice, could talk your ears off on beisbol, boxing, horse racing, Cuba, Fidel,Hector Lavoe and El Jibaro.
Sorry about architecture, literature, Jazz, Regue, British rock,
classical or baroque music, bossa nova, wines and other spirits not much to say, actually, nothing.

He could chit chat about food and soft drinks, in a superficial way, a result of one of his capital sins, gluttony. KFC, Mickey Dee, BK, Churche's, Domino's and the gastronomy from local timbiriches are ingested until bloating. The other deadly sin, one is avarice. This scum bag always spends more money more than he should, just like some people chew more they could swallow.  Never keeps his word, offering this or that, with some authority that days later becomes water and salt.

Has committed sins against our Flora and Fauna, can not fix a light bulb or do the lawn, yet perceives himself as someone useful, helpful, and so does society in general. In addition, can not play checkers, chess, backgammon, pool, black jack or poker.

Mr. Cajan, I hope you have meditated about this message, I almost wrote (enjoyed) considering your views, tendencies, perspective and focus.

My apologies for entering your property, I know you used to write long letters frequently, getting very angry when the populace answered six months later in the eighties......

Kind regards,

Some Juan

PD The pighead belongs to the flagwrappers  flaunting subculture. Every time some islander does something relevant for humanity,  like becoming Miss Universe, most of times in sports, perceived as useful, patriotic, enhancing a culture with regueton rivets they dress with pueltorican flag themes or carry made in China patriotic emblems.

Dear Some Juan,

I am afraid I caught between lines  social and cultural layers, evident when looking quietly at peace.  It is not juat it seems.  What you have described is close to yours truly, in a wider scheme of things. 

If I am not mistaken, this fictional character, totally useless for the collectivity, The Pigheaded Patriot represents six out of ten of the Puerto Rico, USA islanders. The Enchanted Isle or Paradise as the majority of retards still refer to it.  Considering the Pighead as a  portrait, the idiosyncratic ways of the island, its people and culture are perfectly clear.  And so are their possibilities and dreams of freedom...Literally and virtually.

Thanks for sharing it.  

Cordially yours...

AC the humble one


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