Friday, August 5, 2011


Did I forget something? Certainly, humble, but it goes without saying. I had the chance to check the pictures of me classmates in the 1969  yearbook.  It was the first time since that date.

Before I go there let the record show I have lost 17 pounds. Exercise and smaller portions are the clue.  As a result I have more energy, sleeping somewhat better.  In October, I will probably be 15 pounds heavier than  four decades ago when I was in my prime.  That was the time I was a freedom fighter in the USA army.

No. I will not go on television carrying the 37 pounds of pig fat as Opera, better known as Opprah did showboating, returning to the original self not much time later.  My intention is to remain handsome, and wear again a collection of shorts and belts in storage since I lost my 36" waist.

The story behind the yearbook is as follows.  The board presided by Domingo Casillas (RIP), went on a cruise with the class money. This rumor has not been confirmed or denied by any surviving members. Twenty five years later, a group of civic mates  put the yearbook together.  It looks like piece of crap if you ask me.  Details available in  puertorrikenhadasinmostaza one of the branches of the eveningpost,  on isle issues and idiosyncratic takes on life.  

In terms of gardening and  comments from fans and foes, Titania, from the isle continent, once again hit the nail on the head, an appropriate cliche for the situation.  She mentioned her chili jams after I wrote about chiles and or aji  picante.

Chile jams, chutney, salsas and whatever hot or mild, are not processed, manufactured here.  Nojuan has thought about it, is not part of our culinary tradition. Your humble servant did. If you have an edible garden, the excess produce becomes a problem what to do with it?

I have tried to share and exchange without any luck. People are more willing to receive it in their laps if possible. No problem with that, anyjuan will gladly accept anything gratis, even if they have no use for it.

I did what had to be done. A little research based on a simple fact, sweets and deserts.  I found recipes for jam/jelly in the following books:
Cocine Conmigo 
Dora R Romano

La Cocina de Giovanna
Giovanna Huyke

Cocine a Gusto
Editorial UPR
Out of Print

Another way to research is checking youtube under hot chile jams. The problem with them recipes is that you will have to reduce the proportions significantly, but many ideas, procedures are available.

I decided to use apples and sugar for the base. I like the light color, but guava, apricot, tamarind and/or you name it can be used. You can scrape most of the seeds of the chiles/aji leaving some for color and contrast.

In my case the result is not jelly or jam but an applesauce texture. I have been using it with meats and quesadillas. It adds a mildly hot quality to any recipe, changing the common place for something new and exciting.  I will not get in depth into the subject since this is not a blog on gastronomy...

Back to the studio...Some gentleman  moved by chivalry,  and no profile, dropped by to defend an obscure, unknown until I wrote about their cult. She an Annie Hall, look alike to whom I wrote 3/4 emails requesting the botanical inventory of  Flora and Fauna.  He defended both, with some lame attempted insults to your humble servant. Thanks for the feedback.

To them I say/write: Foreigners should not come down here with Albert Shweitzer's in Africa  missionary attitudes. I should have received some response, ANY,  12 months ago.  The inventory should have been available from the beginning of your humanitarian good will enterprise. not an after thought.

To her I say/write, you do need to go inch by inch in the one thousand acres for any botanical inventory. You go by segments based on topography, rain precipitation, soil texture and composition, and so forth. At any rate, do you have the know how?  That is what arboriculture, entomology, botany and agronomy is for or not?

Any one would have made inquiries about what I do, have collected and so forth...That missionary position of  superiority is not worthy a hog's fart. On the other hand I have an equal opportunity blog here. You are no exception!

In terms of respect, you nor any of your coworkers is a Nobel or Pulitzer prize winner. The lesson is simple. When ANY native islander send an email, be a professional and respond in 24 hours. Respect is a two way road, not a right. Not in my league.

that is that.


  1. Thanks David. I appreciate your visits and comments, considering my virtues and faults, not palatable to most. Until next.

  2. Happy birthday antigonum. Cheers!


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