Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bouret Horticultural Society

THE Pandanus utilis is now in a rather big fiberglass pot, while its former resident an edemic Zamia is now into a much smaller residence.

The reason is simple. While it looks healthy the Zamia, slow by nature, seemed more so.. When I pulled it out, the root system was underdeveloped. The only solution was relocation.

This variety, an impressive plant, in terms of beauty and architecture, is not abused, or used in most instances in Puerto Rico. I do not know or care about it much. I have decided to pretend I am blind in this department. There are too many hogs, very few pearls to dispense with on this pasture.

The grafted lemon is on its third crop, there were two on the first year.  In the same pot there are Capsicum florescens our endemic hot chiles*. These plants healthier, stronger and most productive than previous ones are pest free. Promiscuity is the term used when more than one plant is cultivated to enhance production, in Spanish. Agricultural promiscuity.

American Indians, for example, would plant 3, corn, beans and something else I do not remember (pumpkins?) to create a community of plants helping each other. The beans provided nitrogen in the ground the stalks, support.

The hanging passions, shady passion, or Passiflora has increased the production by three, even when attacked by scales. As you know these insects are a pain in the arse in ANY plant, very difficult to eradicate. I am not going to spray, I decided to cut of the infected vines. If you wonder why...research...

* Chef Cajan experimented with mango hot chile jam with excellent results. One pound mango, one cup and half of water, 3 aji picantes, teaspoon of ginger, a dash of vinegar, 1/4 cup of brown sugar...The texture is perfect. After the boiling, get rid of some of the liquid to get the right consistency. Use as you would any other jam, but remember that it is great to marinate also.

I want to thank every reader fan/foe that drops by....into gardening or not...After all, the stats of ghost commentators, knowing where they come from, shows that a majority of non commentators do not seem to practice horticulture. 

Even when I am not looking for recognition, friends or disciples, I appreciate the response indicated by cluster maps...Again...thanks to all.

If you live in Puerto Rico or not, if you have what it takes, you are invited to visit me premises or the most documented garden in the Caribbean. No children please. Leave a message.

that is that.

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