Friday, August 26, 2011


ONCE in  blue moon, I wonder about this restless anger within.. and I look around.  No wonder.  I am not here to follow, believe,  but to inquire, not with the academician, useless, theoretical spirit,  but   to keep the flow, what else?... flowing.

The  trigger was this character I knew in my younger years. A woman with a pretty face once upon a time, no butt no projection in the chest if you know what I mean, besides
a weakness for social status and money.  Not that there is anything wrong with that. And a nice smile, without much gray matter.

Well, she was sharing her life adventures with this good friend of your humbleness, during the last 37 years.  Taking the name of the husband, delivering children, following the husband anywhere his job required with all the monetary benefits of such contract.  She seems so happy! I almost puke.

The gullible have no introspection. They follow whom and whatever no matter if they are lead to the abyss. Check the Wall St. financial scams some months ago, the Standard and Poors degrading  debt of countries at random for their benefit and those of speculators recently.  Who is paying and for how long, all that speculation...The USA use and custom way of life. Buy and sell, credit on credit imaginary or with collateral....

How much is the cost of a pepper, a lettuce in your country?  Well, since everyjuan keeps looking for the cheapest way to buy, one of this days produce will arrive from far away lands without any, or not much phytosanitary controls.

Or with echoli bacteria as it happened recently in Germany, killing some people and making  thousands sick.  The fear afterwards and the urge to put some blame caused Spain great loss of money and reputation.  Farming, harvesting can not follow the ways of manufacture: high volume/low price.  When will people understand that?  The variables are not under control as in tool and dye shop.

What about fishing? Same principle, every country in the world decided to fish and fish filling the refrigerators to the brim, as in a bottom less barrel.  That is why there are pirates in Somalia, not much fish anywhere else. Them pirates will be around for five more years, until there is no more fish. Anchovies and cod are a good example of the irrationality of economics without control...Later....unemployment, tears and whining about this or that.

Housing and highway developers operate under the same principles, with the exact same results as if soil and space were infinite.

Environmentalists, the globa majority SUCK. There is no WAY the earth can be saved with the  brutal increase of population in the third world.  The last resources available, are destroyed by multi nationals and the wretched of the earth.

Only some level of ZERO population growth by any means necessary will help the effort of those with guts and imagination to create a world for now, not a 'better future' and/or stupid 'generations to come'.

Emigration? Well those looking 'for a better future" and their 50 relatives in Spain or USA, for example, will better become entrepeneurs in their own country. There is no more room. tolerance, or 'better futures' and/or political asylum.

All the above reminds me of a slogan in the hearse in Once Upon a Time in America, that film masterpiece with James Woods and Robert de Niro, the one  with a naked hoa in a coffin, to pick him up after serving his sentence for murder: 

Why keep on living?
We can bury you for $59.50.

that is that



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