Wednesday, August 31, 2011


MOST people demand freedom, equality and cheaper costs of utilities, no crime or less from this government or the next, red or blue isle political parties.

My happiness, that one lasting as long as a match,  would be complete, or a little bit more enjoyable if the constant noise from  Universdad Sagrado Corazon illegal FAAD cafeteteria, next door,  the constant security four tracks, the air conditioning feeders and the hundreds of trucks and automobiles and their CO2, were ameliorated or eliminated.

The lack of systematic repairs, with efficient workers and supervisors of road, highways, and streets, electricity and water would increase significantly our quality of life.

The video shows traditional patch and pray repairs, with the supervisor reading the newspapers, too many employees, inefficient use of time and waste of resources.

Out of the ten or more men working, including the apparently, two squat engineers that dropped by in the afternoon to check on their native cheap labor, perhaps half worked all the time.

In terms of men/hours, the whole crew worked perhaps four, instead of the eight they get paid for. This is a good example why Puerto Rico is bankrupt morally and financially, a total lack of self respect collectively and individually.

No respect for work, a constant lackadaisical mood, joking, a bunch of charlatans is what essentially constitute this concrete/asphalt space, with plenty of alegria boricua, wrapped in the flag, plus the mandatory,  insormountable pride for any Miss Universe or gold medal in some regional basketball tournament.

Just give me some quiet, quality of life, that would suffice. Keep your flag, the trophies and that sick useless pride!

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