Thursday, May 3, 2012


YESTERDAY,   I received a silly comment regarding my reaction to a new law in Holland, banning foreigners from smoking herb in  their coffee shops for that purpose.

I shared out of my good heart my own discrimination rule to determine If  I buy a drink in some establishments or not.  It is a matter of diplomacy.  Now I ask before ordering if the owner is native or imported, unless is really obvious, in  which case none of this takes place.  Since they have a peculiar speech melody, I know after a few phonemes, and hit the road without much thought,.

My rarely displayed irritation blew up when looking at the term xenophobe.  I am not, if you check the definition, one of them for a simple reason. I know what I am talking/writing about and willing to go to a duel virtual or real about my position on emigration. 

The woman in question lives in Vieques a territory of Puerto Rico. She mentioned something about hurt, as if my comments hurt. I am not sure if she is the one hurt of those occupying Santurce,  I am sick of them.

The silly lady used the worst possible argument to defend her position and attack mine. The Puerto Rican Diaspora it is called now. Being citizens by USA imposition since 1917, an honor for many, with the right to become canon  fodder in the I WW,  the isle natives have been migrating as agricultural pawns to places as far as Hawaii and the north east  coast to pick this or that since the 1900's.

I mentioned the Mexicans. That wall, just like the one the Israelites have built to protect their territory, seems absurd to your humble servant. After  all Mexico was one half of the USA.  One does not need a Harvard degree to understand they were made foreigners in their own territory where they have lived long before the guys in the Mayflower arrived to America the Beautiful.

In France, Holland, Australia, Switzerland the government have been moving to a zero tolerance to impositions of any kind, religious or cultural from these hordes looking for  their 'better future'.

In the first, women will not be allowed to walk in public with those rags in their heads the same way in their country of origin western women can not show this or that and have to cover their hair in public.

In Australia the government told them emigres of the Islamist persuasion, sorry, if you do not like it here, move along, you are not going to impose upon us your religious and after life believes.  I think I posted the whole thing.  And I would add, an we certainly did not invite you.

Now for the record. 

In NATURE, emigration of flora and fauna takes place constantly.   The fauna in all elements migrate in search of food and warmth as season demands in every continent. Almost everyjuan comes and goes, sometimes traveling 10,000 miles each way, in water, air, land.

With humans is a little different. People migrate for different reasons, at least, that is their explanation. Politics, freedom of speech or this or that,  religion, poverty or the damned 'better future'. 

Emigres of the last persuasion become cheap labor in every continent, exploited, persecuted, kidnapped or killed if they do not pay ransom as in Mexico, China and other places. I could go on an on but let finish  with this.

My beef with emigrants anywhere, at home, is that if  those illiterate with/without college degrees, mostly black or even blonde/blue eyes,  have to migrate for their cliched 'better future' I will accept that. Will tolerate it. What I WILL NOT, is their whole noisy family occupying our territory illegally. Wife, children, grandparents, uncles, cousins and nieces, Screw them!

Every time I discuss this thorny issue, most people without guts, vision and references,  refuse to get into the essential matter, overpopulation in poor countries. Birth control, abortion  rights is never part of the spectrum.

What never fails are those humanist types, with their Bayer panacea: education and equal distribution of wealth.

Contrary to fauna and flora in nature, people who migrate refuse to return to their original cradle. Even if the situation in their country as those in Puerto Rico from  Quisqueya, in  terms of economy, is better according to their own president.

That is that.


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    1. I could probably right a few posts on the subject. Take multiculturalism...what the hell is it?

      There is tv program from Spain about their multiple types of migrants. In one Ecuadorean example: husband/wife, children, cousins,nieces, grandparents, uncles, aunts and everyjuan else who could prove a connection. There were about twenty people, believe it or not.

  2. Interesting parents came to the US with my grandparents in the 1920's for "the better life", etc. Now the laws are so complex, this process is so expensive, it is a shame. The various sides you mention, so true...I know a guy in Boulder CO who is one of those with the "Bayer panacea"...annoying.

    1. This is a wide topic. Take bilingual education! It is advisable to teach in the mother tongue for a few years, yet, it is still an imposition, abuse on hospitality. In our case a colony, a little different, but no need to stretch it expecting and demanding left and right.

      In brief we all are migrants, since the aboriginals were everywhere the first arrivals. Having lived a third of my life in the north east, I always found very annoying having compatriots close by...

      If you have the money for the rent, you move to certain vicinities where the living is somewhat easier and quieter.


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