Sunday, May 13, 2012


SOME  kinds of people, collect and/or adopt colored children, yet is rare to see colored people acting accordingly with white/pasty likewise.
Others, enjoy, preach, write preferably in a monitor--feisbuk is a classical spot-- about animal abuse, inviting to adopt, the environment, pollution, recycling, but only as worth of mouth.

Other people act, without much preaching and posing. Lalo is a mostly white sweet, friendly guy with a twisted tail. About a month ago he appeared out of the blue, with a remarkable alert disposition, across the street, in front of our house, in heat, in a futile attempt to conquer Dalila, Tito Collazo's  dog pony featured previously with Diva, our own senior dog.  

He was pretty clean and healthy.  The reason became evident two weeks ago when things turned against him.  The bastards living six houses up our street, threw him out.  His frequent visits were reduced to zero, almost unable to walk.  Me wife tricked him yesterday to visit our home with steak.

Diva our senior companion had met him before the way dogs are accustomed with the smelling of private parts, friendly and curious stares, when he dropped by our sidewalk before or after checking out Dalila, the impossible dream.  Since his arrival, they have played and explore the playgrounds...Our senior runs faster at 80, than Lalo. She can fetch, he can not...But Lalo does something Messi like, when the balls drop, he stops it with the right or left leg. Believe it or not.

Lalo's abysmal capacity to show affection equals the intense rancor I feel towards most people, not in the abstract, but in reality, when thinking of all the abuse taking place in the world, not only against all  animals unable to  make decisions beyond their limited instincts, but all flora and fauna, air, water and soil.

Here is Lalo, before and after his first shower at home. Welcome four legged friend!


Last night, while keeping company to our new companion, with a  little firewater, Maria Muldaur's, Midnight at the Oasis, I I sat in the opposite side of these pots. The one at left is a grafted lemon. To the right,  is some kind of fruit, with a cranberry taste that me cultist, adventist and avaricious sister gave  yours truly when we were in speaking terms 36 months ago.

Observing the silhoutte in the dark, I noticed in the scaffolding of the second, the similarity with  pines in Zen gardens with bamboo tied to their branches to force shapes and peculiar drops, often seen in bonsai.

Considering the  beauty and size, wondering if it was time to change pots I decided to follow through.  Check the pictures.

That is that


  1. enhorabuena por Lalo. Se que hay un documental en el que se muestra que hay 100,000 perros realengos en Puerto Rico aunque aún no lo he visto. Si me dejara llevar por esa cifra y la de los 2 millones de carros en una isla de 3.9 millones de habitantes, creo que tendría que admitir que mas que ciudadanos, la mayoría son seres sin alma e inteligencia que solo saben comprar, comer y defecar. Ver que hay excepciones alegra el día.

    1. Eso era entonces la cifra debe ser mas elevada hoy. Es como lo de las especies en peligro de extincion. Quien, como i donde las cuentan?

      En cuanto a excepciones, deben haber otras. La pregunta es cuantos/as piensan antes de actuar? Despues de todo todo acto 'humanitario' termina costando dinero, esfuerzo, compromiso, tiempo i energia. Si no se hace con alegria para que hacerlo.

  2. I am so happy for Lalo to have found a friendly, loving family. He is one of the lucky ones.

    1. Yep. Thanks for the feedback...Lalo is recovering slowly from his ills...


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