Tuesday, May 22, 2012


LIFE or living is a constant turmoil of decisions.  The best way to cut the chase,  if there is not much time to debate, is to go Manichean. Black or white without those mostly philosophical, rhetorical and  academic grey areas.

Nowadays there is sickening hemorrhage of information about the most stupid and meaningless issues covering the whole living spectrum and possibilities.  If you ever knew depression, as in the mental state, these most be the worst of times, since making decisions is one of  the biggest obstacles of those embracing it.

Take for example planting or cultivating. What is it that really motivates you? The beauty and fragrance of Plumerias, Gardenias, Mirabilis, Pedilanthus, or the taste  and beauty of: cucurbitas, solanaceas and else?

What is it in between, but foliage?

In my case, moons ago when I started down or up this road, my initiation with Cannabis and Ficus pumila were pioneers in the hundreds of plants, trees, bushes I have put me hands on during the last four decades.

I confess to have felt certain superiority for my preferences in the past, versus those edible options that  ordinary fools believe are the only creatures worthy of planting.  An irritating tendency among those, here, is the disconnection between their little parcels of happiness within
the whole concrete/asphalt  hellish reality, them bastards are constantly preaching.

If you give me the option of managing a produce store, I will certainly go into flower mode.  But this pumpkin got me thinking.

Skills of the planting kind, should be developed to the maximum. The advantage of planting seeds of cucurbitas,  those of the night shade family or any other, is that if they survive, you will have something to eat after weeks or months, without any effort in my case.

I do not care for this plant, the flower is attractive and edible. I appreciate it, thank nature for the miracle, and will probably eat it boiled.  It is a seasonal conversation  piece.  But I confess that I just spread the seeds to watch what happens literally. Thanks to Tito Collazo, there is that nice looking creature hanging in the south fence, tendrils grasping tightly my red Hibiscus.

that is that 

PD If you wonder why is our star climbing and not prostrated as usual, is that every wall/building cast shadows....this plant does not like that at all.

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