Monday, May 7, 2012


I made a video clip recently, depicting a foreign security guard in our enemy's parking lot. Not many people bothered to watch it, even though I mailed it to maybe 60 people.

One spiritual friend from a dusty, almost totally forgotten adolescent past sent some feed back.  Instead of offering some useful insight, the way readers, (some), expect from yours truly, the person in  question suggested as in a inquiry fashion: 'Why don't you move to the country side? You will never beat Sagrado Corazon. They are many, powerful and you are only one' addtion to other similar advice in that train of thought, typical of people who had lived ostrich like, with them head below the surface, when the time to fight for one's rights arrive.

WHEN I think of it..I feel just like my icon. The head blowing up in a burst of restrained anger.  How can any one look at some images and instead of feeling some solidarity, just for one a minute, feel the urge to suggest that one run away from the problem. Absurd, is not it.

Which reminds me that somejuan once said that becoming a saint is not that difficult if you live by yourself in some cave as some weird monks did in the past and others still do.  What would I criticize if I follow such silly recommendations.  Where would my humble bragging rights with the most document garden in  the Caribbean land, go?

This takes us in the third to recent events  of the photographic kind in your favorite garden. I think it was on  Sunday.. I climbed the ladder and took some aerial views of the south and west garden.  For the first time I felt a strange sensation of accomplishment.  It was a pleasant moment to remember, since I have been at this for a while.  Most of the time it is like a never ending work in progress. Not any more.

One thing to finish. I visit this site from Spain often, since they had the courtesy of writing a review with photos of your favorite a while a go.  Well, they recently presented a competition to find the best looking garden in  that region.  To my surprise, there is not much new to learn, observe. Check it out. Be the judge.  


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  1. I think you have success there...looks like a sanctuary of foliage and flowering in the city. Hot and humid of course, but making the most of the small space means more to me than neglecting a huge space.

    Is there a link to the site in Spain you refer to?


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