Friday, May 25, 2012


A DAY with a few surprises just went by. In the afternoon it was "Lady in  the Lake" a black and white film with one of my favorite characters, Phillip Marlowe.  It is dumbfounding to watch such a work of art in terms of photography, acting, direction, dialogue, music and plot.

In the 40's, 50's, 60's movies were something else. For the last fifty years, at least those from Hollywood are mostly crap, remakes and Rocky's with 2,3,4 parts.  Now is mostly special effects to the point that movies look more than war video games than real films. Not to get into the rip off scam
3D, the same crap more expensive.

In between, I went to get an echocardiogram, in the Pavia Hospital.  The office is atrocious. Computer wires hanging all over the desk. A a loud tv monitor on local news--standard now-- in a rather tiny space.  The woman doing it got annoyed when I expressed my surprise when not seeing a monitor hanging in the ceiling with the local news channel;

The ugly, skinny, pale woman responded that is the people selection, not getting the message. Why do we the people, have to watch news from a shitty local channel if there are 100 in cable to pick from. 

This brings your humble servant to the tittle.  I went to the movies. 
'The Great Dictator', with Sacha Borat Cohen. 
Every film with this actor has the same problem, the story does not flow. It lacks good editing or story writing I do not know what. The point is that if you cut the film it in segments, is still fun to watch thanks to the ethnic jokes and constant use of twisted semantics, upside, inside, and backward meaning/intention of what is said.

Puerto Rico comes to mind.  In "The Great Dictaror,' what takes place is a portrait of 3rd world politics and USA, a constant reminder.  The scene that best portrays the islanders' frame of mind, not only among politicians, bankers, judges and everyjuan else, is the bearded dictator in his own Olympics (in which he wins 16 gold medals), starting the  100 meter race with the gun in his hand, looking around and shooting anyjuan getting too close, including some of the judges.

When I think of it, I never thought that  proletariats, lumpen or not, will be responsible to pay for the  chronic stupidity and embezzlement  in the majority of significant democracies for the last 15 years by politicians, bankers, lawyers, speculators, stock brokers and the rest.

Back in the studio, I took some pictures beyond the most documented garden in the Caribbean, some at home, to keep the readers posted flower, pets and produce wise.

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  1. A pesar de los contratiempos, salvo su día con los perritos y el entorno.

    Un abrazo.


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