Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Perhaps for you, it would not be significant or that important, however, for the imperfect misanthropist,  acts creating situations in which human kindness and good heart shows, it is worthy of comment.

On the early morning of Tuesday, Miosotys, gave me a holler from the street.  I moved quickly to see who the hell it was, and there she was with a Capsicum chilense* in a plastic pot for your humble servant. This woman, a still solid wise single mother of 3, often stops by to chat about the garden. She had
offered it some time ago.

Since 9 out of ten bipeds often say, talk, offer to do this or that, I did not give much thought to it. In me intimate world, words, giving one's word has lots of weight. Harsh and unforgiven as I am, It is something I really value.  That was a rare way to start any day!

In terms of botany, it is also significant since Habaneros are probably the hottest substance one could ingest.  In my domain, the Caribbean, Spanish speaking that is, AJI (pronounced ahi), is hot (picante) or sweet (dulce).  In other countries they are called chiles. If you want to research this wide and interesting subject go ahead.

Your home work assignment? Mexico, China, Thailand and India seem to have the wildest gastronomical offerings in terms of hot/picante possibilities. Find out which type of plants and how they are prepared, powder, paste, liquid,  to make their foods hot. Which is more palatable for you ?

For twenty bonus points: Check this out. In USA where the more the merrier, they have gastronomical contests to measure hot intensity. Also in terms of manufacturing, mild, hot, hottest sauces. In many Caribbean countries of the English and French persuasion hot sauces are also relevant. Find out which and what is their recipe.

To make things even stranger, four hours later, another neighborly act took place. Fausto Cabrera,  a new neighbor proprietor of the house across yours truly, hollered something.
I go out and there he was with a bunch of lemons.

He introduced himself, exchanging the pleasantries for the occasion, leaving me wondering if the world is going crazy at least in this street with all this good will.

Bai di guai, in USA what we call lemons are limes. What we call limes, check for the botanicals if interested, are round and somewhat insipid.  It is one of those interesting language issues in every culture, that  some times  becomes a pain in the arse.

Let the record show I feel fortunate. Not many declared misanthropists receive this kindness. Before Miosotys and Fausto, Don Miguel, the one living five houses up the street gave me some Phalaenopsis and more recently the other one accros the street Tito CollazoJosefinas.

This has been a rarely seen post.
All this good will has been unusual and refreshing...
Now is back to reality...

that is that.

*Not added to the inventory yet. It it survives
for thirty days, it will. 


  1. Good morning Antigonum Cajan; It shows you must do something right when the neighbours bring you presents. I exchange kindness with my neighbours. Aussies are pretty easy going, that does not mean we fraternize. The language of the chilies is interesting. I like to grow the red long Cayenne, Scots Bonnet and Jalapeno to make chili jam. I had a bush full of Jalapenos, fat and red ready to harvest, next morning they had all disappeared, neatly taken off no trace where they had gone. Have a good day. T.

  2. Chili jam is something I have never tried, but the I will have to be creative since the four plants I have, produced 3 pounds already.

    I do not know if someone took your harvest of chiles, or birds are the culprit.

    Some birds over here really enjoy them. It seems that it stimulates them for the singing....Until next...


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