Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Thirty six months ago when we moved amidst what time has confirmed over and over as half wits my only interest was to improve the surroundings with flora and fauna in mind.

Before I got rid of all the crappy hedges and stupid plants in the wrong places in our property, I had to clean the house in the pictures since the half wits next door would not. However, when they walk or drive in front of it, they always turn to look making sure no one has stolen a piece of concrete from the property.

I spent about seven hours initially, cleaning the organic and inorganic rubbish the half wits allowed to accumulate during the last decade this property has been is some inheritance dispute. 

No thanks, not even a beer as gratitude. Noise and  constant squeaky hollering from the turtle female and pasty looking husband in return.

In terms of flora, the grapes and grapevine are relevant since the deceased planted it 10/15 years ago and it is still producing fruit without any care or pruning except when tree butchers for hire come to clean the property once in a blue moon, leaving it bare, destroying the crop right before one has a chance to enjoy this rare fruit in the concrete/asphalt context of Puerto Rico, USA.  In my opinion, it is not different from watching a mango tree growing in St Nicholas or Broadway avenue in NY.

After two years of  cleaning the front and side of the property on and off, I got tired of it. Now, I only remove inorganic trash once in a while.

Nature has taken over.  There are trees, vines, ground covers, bushes coming along fine, transforming the sterile space into some tropical cottage atmosphere where everyjuan benefits: spiders, lizards, bees, hummingbirds, spindalis and....Farrukito's stray cats...hiding under the vegetation to stay cool and hunt.

Which brings your humble servant to this point...If people were more inclined to action rather that silly repetitious mantras about the environment, any one could enjoy the pleasure of transforming their surroundings with very little effort and no money.   

However, one thing has to be clear, crystal cliche clear, any positive action for the environment, will be reciprocated with destruction, not a little, but in wholes. From dominant half wits in the asphalt/concrete political/economical/social scene around yours truly and the society in general.

Nature is totally alien for the average citizen. If you do not believe it, think momentarily about yourself, reader...How many plants, birds, insects, could you identify in your urban or rural environment? What the hell have you planted recently? 

that is that

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