Wednesday, July 20, 2011


When I listen to the local pundits describing as only they can, the island economical and political issues,
me anger reaches the boiling point after five minutes, having to go on surfing with the remote as fast as possible..

The international airport, the plastered  concrete toll highways, both money making state properties have been leased to some multinationals for 3 or 4 billions. More quick money to patch and pray, a traditional way to solve problems in the long run.

Puerto Rico has NO sugar cane, but advertises to the world as the Rum Capital. It does not have a wine industry, but next door in the abandoned house, Concord grapes refuse to pass away year after year. 

Even after the construction industry received a shot of grace from the avaricious banks, developers, speculators in the whole world, the jerks in the government talk about development, hotels and such crap. 

One of the candidates for our 40 million bucks,  democratic games talks about hiring more government employees after the one in charge now, fired thirty thousand. 

The exile of native islanders is described as negative, instead of a positive issue. However, the invasion from islands near by and other territories is ignored. It most be the hospitality, buajaha bilingual laugh.

Puerto Rico is bankrupt. In metallic and brain wise. The  owners of  the printed media, television and radio lack will, guts, to put things in perspective. One hand washing the other. 

Meanwhile, one segment of the political scheme,  the sovereign wing, still whines about oppression, unequal treatment from USA. The maladies of Puerto Rico, USA, seems to be their responsibility, not our incompetent, ass holes in politics, economics, teaching, law, construction, architecture and engineering to name a few.

The more I look at this USA territory scene, the more Hellenic it seems.  However, there is no EU, to throw billions and billions to people incapable to administer money and imagination to create some in return.

One thing is the responsibility of the financial world debacle, another, what local governments have done during the last five decades without any drive and imagination.

that is that.
The future is now, and it looks like crap. 


  1. I hear you. It's frustrating for me as well. Worse yet is the powerless feeling I get from it all.

  2. Rohrerbot,

    I appreciate the solidarian spirit!


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