Friday, July 22, 2011


One of the positive things about a blog, a few blogs, is the exposition of different, weird, out of the wall ideas, worries and thoughts. Not that mine is necessarily one of them, besides the practice of the key board, which bai di guai, forced me to avoid chat rooms since nine out of ten fools write looking at the keyboard. That allowed you humble one to write whole paragraphs while the adversary finished a phrase.

I have been pondering about pundits in agriculture, fuels, mechanics,  technology, and transportation. How many readers remember that epidemic that infected the whole world with the possibility of making biofuels 36 months ago?

Sugar cane, corn and Jathropha seeds were some agricultural products mentioned/used for OUR salvation. Every imaginable fool fell for this type of fuel.  Speculators, governments, tree hugers, environmentalists, politicians and unidentifiable jerks jumped into the biofuels bandwagon.   

In Puerto Rico, some recently graduated engineer jerkette wrote a whole page article describing with her twisted mind the virtues of biofuel  'saving our souls', the thousand of jobs it would create. The Final Solution to our ills.

But yours truly knew different. If any biofuel needs 3 gallons of water to create 1 of itself, we are doomed. Not to mention the amount of electricity to refine the mix. Or that oil would have to reach 4/5/6 dollars a gallon to make it competitive, since biofuels are cost intensive.

That is why nojuan talks/metions it anymore, they feel like the imbeciles they were/are.  This will bring us in the third person for a change of pace to the next concept, hybrid automobiles.

Have you noticed how every car ad follows the same rule: Demonstrate how fast, cool the design is in some country road with lots of green, or a desert,  wet muddy jungle if  all terrain or alone in some immaculate street, highway devoid of cars and people?

Hybrid cars may give you a million miles a gallon one of this days, however the 24/7 traffic jams will force drivers to spend that miraculous, wonderful, intelligent miles per gallon in a damned never ending rush hour jam!

Now think of Puerto Rico, USA, with a car for every 2 of the four million inhabitants, China or India. What good are these stupid hybrids? To spend clean energy while not moving at All?

that is that


  1. I have seen how this bio-fuel craze destroy our rainforests in Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia and experienced the annual haze caused by farmers burning the forest to make way for oil palm plantations. This bio-fuel is an illusion, a scam even !

  2. It is also happening in Africa and Central America, the scam artists, multinationals in agrobusiness advertise it as a GREAT thing...I have seen videos, photos regarding those countries...All for a fast buck and permanent destruction of flora/fauna.

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