Tuesday, July 5, 2011


When I think of it, I am not sad, but angry at this situation.  The people, most of them, seem to have lost the ability or virtue to discern.  Their inferiority complex, perhaps result of the 'unfair' relationship with USA, have left the riffraff, upper classes and pundits unable to see parts and wholes about what is real.

One token will do.  A former ball player decides to practice a facet of my vocation, horticulture.  He plants over 200 Cannabis sativa in some apartment.  The FBI arrest him. A yellowish newspaper headlines?  A HEROE HAS FALLEN!

The guy is not maimed, just depressed for many mistaken decisions after retiring from ball playing.  To plant marihuana in apartments is always a risky business for the intense smell of THC in leaves/seeds.  The high electricity bills for ventilation, humidity controls and illumination.  I know because I know better.  Horticulture covers many courts.

In California, Oregon and other states, people are more sophisticated. They are planting Cannabis sativa in public parks and forests. The canopy hides them marihuana bushes. If the FBI destroys them, you start again. It is simple.

But I am not going to get into this, except that is good money if you are wise, do not get caught. If Piculin had read my blog, inquired about the subject, he would not be in jail.

My topic today is the murder of aesthetics. Readers in New Zealand or Reunion Island to name two geographical points may wonder If have exaggerated or pulling your leg about how ugly, noisy and dirty is the urban context in Puerto Rico. Well check the videos, then compare juat you see with me garden pictures at left or in flickr and YOU be the judge.

The 'better futures' will appear in part two. These posts will be like those old series in black and white (my favorite? The Phantom) from fifty years ago.  Please check the clip: PENDEJISMO PAISAJISTA COOKIE MOLD TYPE.

that is that


  1. Another first. You son of a beach, trend setter.

  2. Leyendote, en lo personal me agrada la forma de expresion.
    No se ingles asi que tengo que traducir todo, pero creo que entiendo la esencia.
    Tengo un alegato en contra del cannabis escrito por un prestigioso medico uruguayo, de ahi que no la cultivare.
    Y conversando tu comentario por mi humilde blog, te dire que si. hay personas que les gusta el ocio inutil, bueno , pienso que aún no están preparadas para gozar el ocio útil no???


  3. Pues tampoco la cultivaria. Ya no fumo fue aventura de los veinte. Solo tiene sentido sembrar para vender, lo cual tampoco haria, por no ser necesario.

    Interesante eso del ocio util. Mis vecinos no lo conocen. Viven como en un limbo enajenante i desconectados de la flora i fauna que aun en el concreto/asfalto predominante tiene sus encantos. Hasta la proxima.


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