Saturday, July 23, 2011


Thirty days ago, the next door riff raff started the cleaning of the concrete space where Tuki i Tiki would be abandoned, jailed right by our north garden. The act from these callous scumbags was confusing since two dogs have been killed in 36 months,  left outdoors, with the mailmen motto: neither snow, sleigh, rainstorm and heat. If you could  you kindly check:
you will get a better picture,

Yesterday, the high yellow woman, sister of the Rottweiler, as the people kindly refer to the owner,  arrived in mid morning creating some racket, yours truly was wondering, what the hell was she doing here so early.

The pictures show the self serve red and blue food and water dispenser for them dogs.
The high yellow woman, tired of feeding the animals everyday around five thirty in the afternoon solved the feeding matter this way.

Let the record show this is by no means an exception, it is the rule. In Puerto Rico the indifference and cruelty to animals of all kinds is something else.

Not to get into the real cruelty. Dogs are not cows, chickens, geese to be left outdoors day and night no matter weather conditions. Dogs, like cats,  children,  require attention and some affection. Screw them riff raff here and everywhere.

Puerto Rico Rum Capital of the world, without sugar cane, Enchanted Island as jerks/jerkettes claim is a real hell of concrete and asphalt.

I changed me mind. I will leave another aspect for the next episode from: 

The Devil's Horsemen
The Mongol Invasion of Europe
James Chambers
Atheneum, New York

As an introduction, I would state that if you think Alexander the great, Hitler, Napoleon and else were great...Chingis Khan kicked their butts by a mile and a couple of continents.

As a token from this magnificent book let me share this...When beating the crap out of them Muslims, the defeated perceived Chingis Khan, as a barbarian, infidel being Taoist...he responded: Why do you go on pilgrimage to Mecca if GOD is everywhere?
If you follow cults or religions
that is food for thought, or words with electricity, enlightening and wisdom or not? 

dario apaga la luz   


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