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B eside noise, crowds, loud people, chit chat, pendejismo paisajista and endemismo trasnochado I have no use for the morbid obese. I do not mind smoking and/or the use of drugs/alcohol with responsibility.

Bariatric surgery is a complicated proedure for compulsive fat eaters. It requires previous approval from different health experts including a sychiatrist*. They judge patients to determine an adequate clean bill of health. Thirty days before surgery a strict diet is determined to lose a significant amount of fat to facilitate the procedure. 

One is open surgery, painful and somewhat scary. The other recommended for diabetics, less fat people is not as intrusive since it is done with cameras and such.

The recovery in the open surgery is difficult and requires 24/7 assistance for two or three weeks. Either way, if you have family and children, better plan carefully before doing it.

Medical plans, some of them, will cover this type of operation, Otherwise be willing to pay least five thousand dollars. So far, all this information is about mechanics and physical recovery.

What is significant once your stomach has been reduced to one third of its size is that your food intake will be only 3 ounces of food in the beginning and 4 ounces after a while, six times  a day.  

That means that once a week you will have to prepare ALL the food you will be eating the following days, pack and refrigerate it.  Be sure to get a microwave. Week after week, the rest of your life.

Since the stomach ability to produce, refine  nutrients absorbed is limited, you will need to take supplements and vitamins. That means organizing the pills weekly/daily to take with you.
Carbohydrates and all junk food  have to be eliminated or drastically reduced.

However, what most people with bariatric surgery fail to do is to exercise, at least walking to stay in shape.  

My observations, since I have a close friend who has kept the discipline, a good health demands, showing the necessary will and character, exercising,  after the procedure, is that probably 7 our of 10 people who went successfully through the surgery regain a lot of  weight and in too many cases becoming as fat as they were during the first year.

Why? Fat people are compulsive eaters, they eat too much, too often the wrong type of foods. I believe  it is a problem  of a sychological* nature with an aggravating sedentary life.

Unfortunately, many people without introspection see the procedure as a band aid.  It is a pathetic reality. The amount of people unable to comprehend the implications of the surgery before and after.  They lack  a commitment, character and will.

that is that

* I know there is a p in those words,
but I find them unnecessary, they serve no purpose.
If interested, research..Wikipedia is a good start.

dario apaga la luh.

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