Wednesday, August 29, 2012


  AFTER the sudden and undeserved notoriety -oink-yours truly has achieved during the last couple of days in the East Indies, far, distant and unknown for most beings, human and not so, also South America for the fellows in Blotanical, the West Indies have  more ethnic variety, and  historically if I may..besides a wider, musical and gastronomical spectrum.

At any rate, I decided to visit the worthy constituents followers of that island mentioned a couple of weeks, or was it a week?  I found a couple of peculiar things that will require an objective description-no photos needed-to share what some think of their garden or somewhat simple/complicated concepts as ZEN.

Some lady takes a photo of her jungle like back yard, a concrete plastered square in the center.  In the left side, a gas grill with plastic cover.  To the center a table/umbrella with four chairs very clear they are from Home Depot.  There was something else I can not recall but left no doubts in me mind, when I saw it Home Depot garden displays or Green Industry convention exhibitions  hit me hammer like.

Besides these accessories adding beauty, there was a palm tree in the back surrounded by dk vegetation, mostly folliage, in the front of all,  a banana tree. Believe it or not, in Florida.  The suggested feeling to the author of this creation?  'My  ZEN moment of the week or day', can not remember which.

This made possible a new Eureka moment,  new concept, caricature gardening, coined by yours truly. Search for the exact meaning of the word and you will have to share my view.  All the elements mentioned result in a grotesque. absurd space that many, too many people think as cool, acceptable and attractive. 
 Huerto agrochic de marilyn

THIS aberration is horrendous!  Yet, if you have never read a few words about gardening composition or the elements of gardening design you will too, find it attractive.  The terrible thing is that it was featured in a site from Spain in which the most documented garden in the Caribbean appeared before. I have the suspicion that anyjuan who sent this crap, did it in spite, you be the judge.

Bai di guei, the one in Florida was not prettier than this one in Puero Rico. I have been accused of many things-oink- but not being brutally critic against my own breed is not one. This should  I make  a suggestion, not a command, to meditate.  If I started my path in this vale of tears with my own, what makes you so special?  If your garden really sucks and I or anyjuan with trajectory says so, kindly inquire why/how or otherwise shut up, humbly. Accept you have made mistakes, too many, being proud of it. 

 that is that



IF YOU like the garden on top, you will certainly love this one also. Check the beauty and imagination in the design and colored stones, a real miss match of texture, the more the merrier. Remind one of those paintings 4 year old do in the nursery.

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