Friday, August 24, 2012


IF YOU have never witnessed one, you may wonder is it like the movies, 'Key Largo', comes to mind, weather channel report?  Yes and No. The way people in Puerto Rico react with the news is always the same.  Happiness for owners of supermarkets, gas stations, hardware stores, with lots of profits to make.People and populace, in general, buy food stuffs, ice and alcohol as if there is no tomorrow for their particular funeral like celebration.

The first hurricane I remember, took place in 1956 or 57.  We spent the night accross our street, in one of the few concrete houses in the Munhoz Rivera street in Caguas Country.
The owners of the property allowed everyjuan to stay out of duty
more than neighborly love.  My child memories do not show most men worried at all, it was a celebration, Probably with Palo Viejo, my favorite fire water. 

I remember the next dark, windy and wet morning, electrical and telephone wires hanging loose, back and forth, moved by the wind. I can see at this moment, with little effort, me mother pushing holes in the cardboard like ceiling to let the accumulated water flow.

Among other hurricanes worthy of this post  there is one Hurricane Carter, a boxer, probably welter weight or middle my favorite then.  He went to jail for some crime that Bob Dylan among others thought he did not commit. Let the record show  that  boxing, football are sports prone to leave those in the practice, with mental senility or Parkinsons, another convention.  I declare I still enjoy boxing during the Cassius Clay era, but there is nothing I can do about what took place already, only in the future/present one may influence if  any radical change take place. What about that despicable sport of bullfighting?  Cultural significance is the excuse! Not to get into the foolish San Fermin, festivities. A great source of tourism and income. Barbarians with spoons!

The most recent, memorable Katrina, left the USA in shambles.  However, looking at natural phenomena, one should separate stupidity in actions, construction, dikes and such with the inevitable:
strong winds and lots of water create costly damages as a result of foolishness.

When I saw one of those huge ships in the Mississippi, it was scary as hell, after all is a river, no matter its size. Now if you consider  width, length and depth, how can any sane person
believe one can contain it in  the receptacles built to keep it straight in its place?  No wonder  Louisiana and near by states were left like crap!

Now lets move to tornado STATES, probably around 12. Why do they insist on using wood for construction?  Every time one of those hundreds of tornadoes hit their target, everything looks like tooth picks blown at random. Why not build underground?  What is wrong with the  imagination of architects, engineers, government agencies, people and populace? 

In Puerto Rico, is no different! Regarding electrical wires, logic demands underground wiring. Imagine, if the retards in charge of those issues had any imagination, every damned wire would be underground. More expensive to build but cheaper to maintain in the long run, unless I am a retard also.

All the above, if you have imagination, or if you make a little effort putting things in a wider scheme of things has to do with convention, being conventional.  

That is our-in the third person- I hate so much, our project for the following post, in literature and gardening.  Think about it.

until then


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