Thursday, August 2, 2012


THERE are not many blogs with interviews. I know of one by a British female fool with a fushia pink head, that is about it. Here we go with host interviewer Currutaco el Mistico or CEM.

CEM    Thanks for inviting me to your place in the blogosphere, it has been a while, since my last intervention.  Lets get into the nitty gritty, what the hell is a Tilley hat?

AC        The coolest hat, for a cool gardener.  You can find it advertised only in certain magazines.  I remember the faces of two jerks I used to work in the LMM Plantation, when told the cost.  The idiots, forgive me the repetition, could not understand that gardening for me is something I will do until I pass away or can not move any longer, in consequence a hat should be chosen with similar qualities.

CEM      I got it, this hat will last for life, is not it?

AC          Sure. I expect to last two more decades or less. The hat is ten years old, still looking good, with the help of God, we both may reach thirty together, unless hit by lighting.  What is the big deal?  Any good questions?

CEM       I have gotten your drift. Have you humble one,  discovered any designer or blog worthy of merit or anything that I --the reader-- should know about? 

AC           Certainly, another fellow from the Chelsea Flower, by the name Andy Sturgeon, whose installations reminds one of  flattened fish bowls, with lots of concrete, turf and lots of silliness if you ask me. It is like here I am this is my design! Check the definition of his last name, sturgeon:

Any of various large ganoid freshwater and marine fishes of the family Acipenseridae of the Northern Hemisphere, having edible flesh and valued as a source of caviar and isinglass.
This may explain a couple of oval fish bowls installations, one inside the other with some pond close by.

The other 'discovery' is a blog again in the former empire of the British persuasion, a gardener that gallops, but not in horses of carriages, but probably antique Triumphs, MG's, or Morris.  His blog has exceptional quality photos, so so writing, not as cool as Hattat in those prairies for half of the year.  I wonder if they really plant anything at all. All the contant travels around gardens in the first case and interesting cities in Europe, not the common places one always hear about.

CM   Wow, have you left anything, are you finished?

AC     The truth is that I rarely have a conversation worthy its salt 
down this neck of the concrete, do not rush me you nimwit!   

CW    Fine. Please go on.

AC     As yours truly was stating, a conversation worthy of my energy and attention here is like the cliched needle in haystack, People can not follow me, or listen to what I say. They are only interested in parroting and sharing their silly, useless and boring lives.  Lets finish now. The tittle has not being discussed in depth.

CEM    Is it necessary?

AC       Yep it is one of my dear props.  While I was disposing of some organic matter in the garden in a roof next door, featured in this space in November 2011, one drop of sweat fell on the water creating ondulating circles as it happens in any quiet liquid surface when any object, in this case liquid hits the surface.  

It felt as if a hammer had hit me.  My reflection ondulating quietly and slowly.

I step down the ladder, got me hats. Took six pictures or so with my humble camera and proceeded.    

CEM     Any memories of Greek mythology, words of wisdom, food for thought or mystical recommendations? 

AC        Bilingual one, nojuan has pulled me leg in such fashion in a while. You must be thinking about Narcisus, not the flower, but the fellow so handsome, falling in love with himself, he fell in some deep pond and drowned. 

Well now that you made such remark,  I declare one thing, even though George Clooney and I could have been twins, If I had been so much in love with my appearance and fell from the ten feet ladder I could  had broken my neck, not drown.   

that is that 


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