Wednesday, August 1, 2012


SOME readers/gardeners, both or none, may prefer blogs for content/photos.  Style in the writing, resolution, pixels, focus, and else in the second.  Visitors avoid some after a quick glimpse and frequent others for these two reasons or their own.

Yet, another group may be part of the equation, those looking for different, not necessarily subjects/themes--any gardening is reiterative--as life, war and peace, but register and stance, at least I am part of this segment. 

Some gardening could exist without soil and water as with epiphytes, but very few edibles exist, survive without those two essential parts of nature.  Except weeds and some creatures with similar characteristics taking advantage of cracks in concrete and other inanimate surfaces with good enough conditions to live with a better or just plain future.  

One last possibility is hydroponics.  Some people believe it is such a great thing, and it is, if you decide not to consider the cost of electricity and measuring the flowing solution frequently with nutrients to keep it balanced.

This is bare gardening, I do not think of any other possibility except micro propagation for a short while in  the lab, before the planting. 

Lately, I have moved to another stage. Gardens of  the hospital hall and lobby kind.  High maintenance in most/all places equals above average noise and pollution of the whole: soil, water, air.

But nojuan has ever mentioned this or that. They are beautiful and pretty, sure, but do they improve or just make possible  the co-existence of  surrounding flora and fauna?  I have my doubts. When when I look at the majority of these gardens, I in many cases a perfect composition is evident: form/shape/contrast/texture/color...accompanied with an incredible sensation of sterility.

It is a sickening perfection, abnormal, artificial in essence. Not one leaf out of place either on the ground or lawns, totally out of nature.

Which bring this to the end 
with some words for thought.

I had my suspicions about the  notorious
Arab Spring. It is turning into an ArabMUSLIM Hell.
Syria is going into the Iran/Afghanistan mode. Again, Sunnis and Chiis
blowing each other in pieces for power. Them Arabs should meet and move each group to one or two countries and BE the majority. Just the way India was dismembered by these people in Bangladesh/Pakistan with a propensity into the blowing themselves for ideological emphasis.    
I disagree with the stance about millions of people without electricity in India.  The opposite should be the real news, how they keep 
their system at all.  

that is that 

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