Tuesday, August 28, 2012


WHEN I decided to share my views on the practice, the inspiration were a couple of foreign jerks who destroyed five hectares of soil in Trujillo Alto.  Pretty please, with sugar on top, remember that for perspective and focus or dissident views, there is room for all.

I became a creative horticultural critic by need, an urge to denounce stupidity, not from the illiterate foreign illegal/native hired worker for peanuts gardener, but in my case, a Phd from the NY Botanical Garden and his wife, an 'agronomist'.  After all, there are movies, theater and literature critics. The abysmal difference between those and yours truly is that I practice the skills likewise my peers, foes and/or friends, those I criticize. In addition to criteria, trajectory and credentials.



The critic has always been called a judge of literature,  which means not that's he is in a superior position to the poet, but that he ought to know something about literature, just as a judge's right to be on a bench depends on his knowledge of  law. If he's up against something the size of Shakespeare,
he is the one being judged.  The critic's  function is to interpret every work of literature in the light of all the literature he knows, to keep constantly struggling to understand what literature as a whole is about.

Literature as a whole is not an aggregate with red and blue  ribbons* attached to them. like a cat show, but the range of articulate human imagination as it extends from the height of imaginative heaven to the depth of imaginative hell.  Literature is a human apocalypse, man's revelation to man, and
not a body of adjudications, but the awareness of that revelation, the last judgement of mankind .

Humility allows those truly humble, to find connections between apparently disconnected fields. If you change literature for gardening/horticulture in the excerpt above, you will, unless you are a real post colonial, Lady Gunga Din, fashionista from the East Indies, with a distant, British blue blood syndrome airs, tropical 5 o'clock tea and crackers, fish and chips wrapped in newspaper,  driving in the wrong lane, clockwise, you will notice that just  like literature, theater, movies.....whatever nojuan will be allowed to wash his/her hands......as the legendary judge in the Bible. oink ,oink.

Antigonum has spoken/written,
children you may now leave in peace

that is that

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