Sunday, August 19, 2012


THE owners of these properties, one is vacant,  belong to the lowest of them castes anywhere. Pure and simple riff raff.  Noisy, uneducated hogs.  Any Christian principle of god fearing people would be tested by these bastards and bastardettes. We live in the middle.

Yet, thanks to their lack of maintenance--our garden not the most manicured in the world by any standard-- looks like a million, at least in my eyes.

That on one hand, on the other, this unedited vegetation, mostly grasses, broad leaf weeds and shrubbery of different kinds offer some visual relief against concrete or perhaps worse, bare soil.

Besides,  the flowers and seeds provide nectar and food for birds and insects;

I could, with simple shears and hand pruners do some editing to improve the wild appearance but they do not deserve it.  Let the urban prairies be, our flora and fauna will appreciate it. 

that is that 


  1. Like you said, it must not be easy to have lowlife living along the same road. We are lucky in that respect, all our neighbours are really nice and love their gardens and look after them. I think your attitude is very intelligent towards those people and their neglected property, because you would never know what they could do to give you chagrin. I agree it is better to have weeds and grasses, at least they provide shade and food for insects and other small creatures.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Often I feel as if there is a conspiracy of noise, environmental destruction around yours truly. There seems to be a cult to maintain what is ugly, uncivilized in addition to impunity, in this society.

      It does not matter the income/ethnic/education/social status...It is blanket like.


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