Sunday, August 12, 2012


  THERE so many cool,  hot, dry, wet gardens, blogs, gardeners, photographers, writers in five continents. IMG_2882 

However, really few roof gardens/ponds anywhere until  further notice. The idea began in November 2011, continuing
until now, with surprises planting/ponding wise.

The reflection is a Pterocarpus, the Sanseveria leaves  in the corner, to help keep the organic matter in place.

The same thing but I moved to the right corner of the garden/pond. If you look carefully in the right corner, that green creature is  Cosmos as well as almost everything else in the frame.


The Allocasia at left side is responsible for all these words and photos.  I threw it without much thought in 2011. Then, one day, I took notice of it. There it was, where it still is green, happy and healthy.
Well, it just occurred to me  that  ponds  usually have no organic matter so evident. I will have to stretch it a little, could it be a roof marsh/swamp what is your verdict?
  It is time to hit the road Jack. I leave you with my own reflection, the only little vanity I will allow myself for the time being. Thanks for dropping by,

that is that


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  1. Most of your photos don't work by the looks of things, but the one with the Sanseveria is very nice. I bought a garden pond from ukwaterfeatures.comand lined it with rubber, before finding out about this more natural (and better looking) route.


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