Saturday, May 8, 2010


MY INTENTION was to write about 'Palos de Borinquen' or their real name "Arboles de Puerto Rico", but that will have to wait a little.

This morning while on my way to buy the newspaper, I got the chance to talk to two old ladies, one is the owner of the residence at the above
address.  The subject was their shitty garden in front of this peptobismol colored house across Sagrado Corazon, the real
cardiovascular muscle University, no heart, no feelings.

I informed the lady, about my observations every week from the second story of their house.  Lots of soapy water splashing on their stupid lawn under the humongous Pterocarpus.  Her reaction? Oh, she has been with us for thirty years (as if some adopted pet), referring to  the imported domestic lady, who cleans the porch with hose and broom. "We have told her innumerable times".

When I mentioned the big headed, stupid gardener on the premises..."Oh he is the handyman".  Ladies and gentlemen, that is why Puercorico is
a forsaken, damned place. What does it matter, if the feeble minded, stupid looking imported individual who has worked for you for peanuts, screws up your garden with the 'handyman' tittle. JERKS!

Feeble minded employers, feeble minded employees. No one knows shit about what the other should be doing or knowing. Will continue

Wich bring us to the top fools in my agenda. Arboles de Puerto Rico.
What is their sin? I will attempt to write once again, and promise to 
put aside this new fools, at least their name and INTENTIONS.

The results are the same..The lady was left, mute when I suggested that I would prune for free some shitty looking hedge if she provided
the thirty five gallon plastic bags...

Later on my way back I noticed that the other lady, who brought the
owner,  some orchids for mothers day,  coming down my street.  She
went to check my garden as I suggested. With her doberman like facial expression.  Haja bilingual laugh.... 

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