Wednesday, May 19, 2010


SO MANY YEARS, have gone by  that it will cause no harm to mention it for a first time in the 'evening post'. I have the sensation that people often forget the beginnings, origins of whatever, of anything, they do, or practice, talk/write about. They just stick there, like a wart, a weather vane, without substance or direction. 


John Lubbock (1834-1913) in 'Prehistoric Time' (1863) wrote that
men in the Neolithic Era, became sedentary, adopting social and economic ways.  They appeared in different spots; Southern Asia,
North of China and Mesoamerica.

The theory of the 'oasis' came later.  Vere Golden Childe (1892-1957)
explained why men became sedentary.  After destroying the vegetation richness, he had to reproduce it, domesticating it.

Lewis Robert Binfond (1930) in his theory of cultural ecology stated that is was consequence of population growth and the need to survive.
These theories do not require a college degree to be understood.  But
if the destruction of previous civilizations is evident through out the architectural ruins, bones, rocks, excavations, why theoreticians complicate what is so clear.  Too many mouths to feed with finite resources depending on Natures moods =  hunger, total destruction.

Does it matter to know how agriculture became what it is now? Edible, ornamental and every other kind.  Maybe.  Nowadays, too many people jump in the environmental banwagon of their fancy or build their own.

Down these concrete/asphalt streets we have the salty/fresh water,
soil, fauna, noise, just trees, the turn off water/electricity club,
the aelolics/photovoltaic claques, in brief, too many to name, being
borne and passing away, almost at the same time.

These groups in Puercorico exist in what seems a vacuum regarding minimal theoretical frames, backgrounds.  They show a w i d e ignorance, unable to define what is what, incapable of designing plans for the long run.  The ignorance of the matter, the whole, is a real shame. When I have inquired, I usually get some scorn in return or a total silence.  It makes impossible to reach goals.

These multiple environmental goals become mantras repeated night and day.  But they will never become real.  The adolescent, abrupt, superficial manner in which people worried about the environment approach them, become water and salt, spitting in the wind.

In Feisbuk, I have witnesesed the still birth of SIX groups of the  environmental kind, in the last 3 months.  No evident introspection, knowledge, superficial or else of the issues.  Unable to create, to inspire, to develop, they pass away, with tons of words and no action.
No traces. Apaga y vamonos....Time to go.


But one has to continue looking carefully to
what really matters, the garden at home.
The Carica papaya, at 15 feet, 14 months old
is showing the first two harvest. Slowly ripening,
at what looks like 3 pounders.

The Passiflora edulis, at a younger age
shows the first fruit.  A real trip for yours
truly.  I started my edible gardening cycle recently.
Hoping all is fine with you and your gardens.
Apaga y vamonos.


  1. I suppose population density wouldn't be such a problem if more people grew their own food, or at least created miniature urban farms or community gardens. I'm glad to hear about that passionfruit! Mines growing somewhat slowly compared to my other passifloras but at least it survived the freeze.

  2. I agree with your comment, but that will be true
    if there are minimal adequate conditions for cultivation. On the other hand, some sense of
    solidarity and sharing, would be necessary,in my humble opinion.

    There are 3 Passifloras in my collection. The Edulis, mentioned, and two wild, not yet identified, nor bearing fruits. They were collected during my strolls in Santurce. The flower structure, and color is similar to the first, but as big as a nickel.

    What other Passifloras do you have? Good luck with them!

  3. Good to know that Passiflora edulis produce fruit at young age :-D I don't grow passiflora. I find the flower quite scary looking... look like eyes open widely ha ha... I saw a red passiflora growing on fence with not much care at a shaded are before. It's usually sold in hanging baskets in nurseries here. And enjoy your papaya fruit! I like this fruit... good for healing constipation also he he...

  4. Well Stephanie that is an interesting outlook
    on that certainly strange looking flower.

    And not behind the healing power of Carica papaya. The truth, not having that problem,
    is that it accelerates digestion.

    Some people prefer it as a sugary concoction as a desert with white cheese for
    the ying/yang effect.

    On vines in general, I will have to write
    a post on my in depth experience, in terms
    of aesthetics and maintenance of the last
    16 months.


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