Thursday, May 13, 2010


PROBABLY, as a consequence of the frequent rain for the last ten days everyone is happily blooming all over the garden.

The indigo blue Commelina elegans, Clitoria ternatea, yellow Turneras ulmifolia/diffusa, and yellow/orange Cosmos sulphureus.

Mostly white Turnera  subulata, different shades of pink:Asystacia   gangetica,  Passiflora edulis,  Ruellia officinale/brittoniana, Rain Joe, Oxalis, Cavalina maritima, Catarteus roseus, Cuphea hissofilia, red/orange/pink Hibiscus.

White, yellow, pink Plumerias, Bouganvillea buttiana. Reds,
Calliandra haemathocephala and Gloriosa rothschildiana, orange, Tunbergia alata, whites Pseuderantemun reticulatum, Datura stramonium,  Turnera subulata, Proiphys amboinensis,  and impressive Hippobroma longiflora.
This last one appeared out of the blue in the garden, becoming one of my favorites,  a show stopper.

Purple Hibiscus canabinus. Mirabilis siciliana, pink and orange, these ones, open for business only after 3PM, a real show with a nice fragrance, a reminder of Gardenias....Finally, Barleria repens, a salmon like color, had never put on a show like this before.

On these days and nights I enjoy the spectrum of textures, size, shape, colors and fragrance from these flowers of trees, bushes, vines and plants. I am more aware of the stupidity of the just planting trees, a fad down here. But that is another story.

Propagation has also been productive during the last two weeks.  Orange and yellow Hibiscus, Origanum vulgare, Rosmarinus officinale,  Guaicum, Gardenia and a strange, fragrant Tunbergia alata found and discussed previously in the pig
sty of Centro Ecuestre in Santurce.

Be careful if you buy rooting hormones, (I suggest gel types), you may go crazy collecting and propagating. The ones I got are called liquid
root stimulator with fungicides.  This product will increase your survival  percentage with difficult to propagate plants by cut stems.  

Remember to have holes made in the growing medium previous to stick the stems. This will keep the hormones where intended, the cut
stems..I just so Maria Falcon, aka Thunderthighs, in Geo Ambiente. A couple of fools were planting without making the holes.  That way the substance is removed from the patient. Foolish or what?

Remember that biodiversity is a mix of them and us. Flora/Fauna.
The environment, the care of it requires some knowledge, facts, theory
and practice.  Do not stand behind a monitor preaching like a fool.
Not if I am around...time to go.....

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