Thursday, May 20, 2010


24 MONTHS  ago, May 2008, we moved to this house circa 18 January 1940. This month is also remarkable thanks to Diva our mixed Dobber/Boxer, black/brown dog.  Seven decades!

With one decade less, I wish I had one tenth of that playful, young spirit at heart.  That priceless virtue of forgiving quickly, without rancor, causing so much misfortune everywhere.

Like her master Diva shows a permanent dislike for noisy children.  Or passers by too close to our sidewalk fence, some particular dogs being walked in either side of the street and almost every cat any where.

Among her preferred outdoor activities, running to scare visiting
birds, reptiles and/or to catch insects,  this provide lots of exercise.  But let the reader beware, this activity is done mostly for fun.

She is not fond at all of rain, thunder and lightning.  Turns sad,
and signs of anxiety become evident with shaking and panting.

Even at seventy, Diva is in good health, a fast, quick runner.
Demonstrating the adorable grace and elegance of a thoroughbred.  To remember our frisbee days by El Morro, 
catch, fetch with different toys, balls, eventually passing away thanks to the power of those jaws, is like watching a film in
fast, slow or rewind mode.

Watching her peppered mouth, smelling with an expression of
extasis, eating the leaves of Papyrus, her favorite herb, one of those memories that will remain for years to come.

Pets in the garden, or children if YOU, have them, are a gift.  In consequence, when designing a garden, keep in mind their needs.
Allow them to enjoy it, as they can.  Time to go...

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