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11 JUNE 2010

The feeble minded, down syndrome
like administration of Universidad Sagrado Corazon, on top of the already mentioned below abuses to the environment and residents of Bouret Street and the community in general, its four cardinal points,  now has a
diesel ferry/trolley, not for the 
handicap, no,  to carry the fat lazy,
students every thirty minutes in front
of our properties, polluting and making noise.  With this customary stupid action, two ills are created.
The fat, lazy, morbid obese ones,
can not, will not exercise from the
train station to the damned Sagrado Corazon.  On the other hand, the already high levels of C02 caused
by this money making enterprise are increased.



I just finished planting the Guaiacum officinale along with the Calliandra haemathocephala,  the oldest trees in my collection.  They went from Trujillo Alto to Bayamon at around six inches tall.  Both spent the last seven
years from pot to pot until recently, when they reached the six feet.
Trees are like children, one should not follow the Igor Gonzalez, 
Alex el Biscochito or Elvis Crespo examples. 
Those bored Puercorican 'bored arboleros', planting
left and right without any maintenance consideration are
environmental monitor FOOLS.

WHEN I MOVED right behind what in reality is a cardiovascular muscle, Universidad del SAGRADO has no HEART, as you dear reader may be able to discern from these anecdotes.

In May 2010, Mr. Ricci,  Dean of Administration, was informed of the constant noises created by the callous, pretentious, abusive institution he administers, providing nothing to the community, not even free films once a month.

The air conditioner feeders with a noise from hell 24/7, the excuse?  "They have been there for the last twenty years". As if creating noise, being a hindrance to the enjoyment of PRIVATE PROPERTY, is a GOD given right.

Less than a hundred meters from our property line there is an illegal cafeteria.  The garbage is collected in a dumpster.  In those
days was collected at 3AM from Monday to Friday. Could you imagine the racket? My complaint to the above feeble one,  mentioned was in storage for thirty days. The excuse:
"These problems take time, the cafeteria is under a concessionare".  However, after I called Waste Management in 
Humacao City, the problem was solved.  Now I have to listen to the racket daily at seven am.

The stench of food prepared like the ones offered for lunch in public schools invades the whole street.  Imagine going to your landmark garden and not being able to smell the Plumerias, just pepper, fat, chicken/pig at 6 AM!

I have filed four complaints with the Department of Health about this air pollution during the last two years without any action. The stench continues as if the air extractors were installed in my backyard.

Right now while I write there is some scumbag refrigerated delivery truck with the diesel smoke its noise and the noise of the refrigetator in my backyard.

The other scumbags involved: the car alarms set on with the vibration
of every other truck delivering on a daily basis because the MENTALLY RETARDED concessionare does not have REFRIGERATED STORAGE. Every damned day the trucks arrive to deliver something. Five, six, plus the garbage truck.

In addition, the green area maintenance crew with trimmers and blowers, even after I wrote a letter to the Dean about the need to get rid of these noises and pollution.

That is not all dear reader...On top of all these, the security officers, 
drive by in their four track vehicles day and night polluting and making noise as if there anything to protect behind the illegal cafeteria
in the Baralt Building. What about video cameras? No way Josei, too much thinking required.

To add injury to the insult: The employees, students, teachers create a daily polluting, irritating, unnecessary traffic jam on Ponce de Leon Avenue and Fernandez Juncos because everyone wished to enter by San Agustin street instead of using their college educated brains and move  towards Eduardo Conde street, the other entrance.

If you thought this a barbarian institution check this out. The maintenance of buildings, painting and such is awarded by contract to 
suspiciously illegal, cheap contractors instead of hiring the local talent.

They also create noise, making the enjoyment of the property a pain in the ass, not during office hours, but after tree pm, as it happened recently.  What the hell, you may exclaim. Such is life down these
concrete/asphalt hell.

Almost forgot. The swimming pool filters up the street create a humming noise a hundred times worse than what I have to deal daily. It is amazing how people become so docile as to tolerate this IMPUNITY and ABUSE. The whistle from the instructor can be heard twenty houses down the street. Believe it or not.

If you want to show some solidarity these are their addresses, inquire and sit comfortably for a response.  Mr. Ricci: jricci@sagradoedu, ldiaz@sagrado.edu and hsilva@sagrado.edu.  The second is either 
the legal office or the President.


  1. God bless you, for telling IT LIKE IT IS. Let there be justice!

  2. Patria o muelte.
    Hasta la alcapurria siempre. Comeremos.


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