Monday, May 3, 2010


PERHAPS YOU belong to that moral, judicial, social, political or backward religious  segment of the population in many countries of the world
opposing the planting, manufacture, packaging, distribution and selling of hard drugs. FINE.

I belong to the other segment. The one thinking that the STATE should benefit taxing the profits of this international trade.   This world wide, sophisticated consumer segment should not be left in the hands of the mostly illiterate scumbags into killing even their mothers, to control the monopoly in small distribution markets in close by chabolas, high income vicinities or even countries.  At any rate,
here what you should know about the plant, botanical issues, origins
of the plant and uses.  It is part of endemismotrasnochado and evening post botanical scope.  Plants/trees and else are more than just vegetation. Their products can improve our life, make it somber, or deadly.

Amy Stewart
pages 21/23

''Archaeological evidence shows that coca leaves were placed between the cheek and gum as a mild stimulant as early as 3000 BC.  When the Incas came into power in Peru, the ruling class seized control of the coca supply, and when Spanish conquistadores arrived in the sixteenth century, the Catholic Church banned the use of the devilish plant.. Eventually, practical considerations won out, and the Spanish government realized that it would be better off regulating and taxing the use
of coca, while making it available to slaves who had been forced to work in gold and silver mines. The Spaniards found that, with
enough coca, the natives could work quickly, for long hours, with very little food.   

Cocaine, an alkaloid that can be extracted from coca leaves,
has been used as anesthetic, a pain reliever, a digestive aid, and 
an all-around health tonic.  Trace amounts were present in early versions of the soft drink Coca-Cola; while the company recipe is a closely guarded secret, coca extract is still believed to be a flavoring, just without the cocaine alkaloid.  The leaves are legally imported by an American manufacturer, which buys it from Peru's National Coca Company, transforms it into Coca-Cola secret flavoring, and extracts the cocaine for pharmaceutical use as a topical anesthetic.

The coca plant's ability to inspire humans to go to war, both against each other and against the plant, may be the most deadly
quality.  A healthy shrub can produce three crops a year of fresh,  glossy leaves.  The cocaine and other alkaloids in the leaves serve as a natural pesticide, helping to ensure that the plant flourishes even when is under attack.   Although a few different species can be used to extract cocaine, the plant used most often for this purpose is Erythroxylum coca, which grows
along the eastern slope of the Andes mountain range".

Now if you would like to know about how one get the dust you snort or shoot up your veins, do some research. Gasoline and sulphur are used to refine the leaves to get the powder driving half the world crazy.   I am not concerned, not being a doctor,
about health, after all I see alcohol and tobacco products as normal taxed products creating profits and death for any state,
country in the world.

But I confess something.  After I saw the leaves soaked in gasoline, I wonder what it would do to your nasal aparatus
after some out of control usage, not to get into the shooting of it or any derivatives up your veins.

However the amount of money spent in futile attempts to get rid
of the marketing and merchandising of cocaine and derivatives, should be wisely used to allow those who want to share it socially to do so.  After all, people pass away drinking, smoking and the state profits from it...In many ways... Time to go..



  1. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This is an untapped market and is better than vicing people with more lottos, raspa y gana or slot machines.
    "All substances are poisons; there is none which is not a poison. The right dose differentiates a poison…." Paracelsus (1493-1541)

    Cocaine, Heroine, Morphine and Marihuana had been used extensively as medical remedies for ages. As everything, the abuse of the product is habit forming. But this applies to all products. Isn't diabetes the consequence of consuming too much sugars? Isn't high blood pressure accentuated by consumption of too much lard and sodium? The problems with the hard drugs such as Cocaine and Marihuana is that they have been vilefied to the point of no return. At the same time Tobacco and Alcohol commercials are promoted everywhere. How do you explain this double standard to a kid? Gang problems, Narc wars and the high deliquency rates of the poor are caused bythe high cost of the drug, not the drug itself. Will we ever get to the point of medicalization of drugs? An army of goverment funded companies such as Hogar Crea will make sure it won't happpen.
    Goverment sponsored ads once stated the war and September 11 were linked to poppy selling farms in Afghanistan, planted by Al Qaeda operatives. Similar wording was stated by the Russians in the Cold War.
    These plants have such good properties and the discussion of them is tabooed. Even the part of extracting the active ingredients with alcohols, gasoline and thinner (organics extract organics) makes the chemist in me tingle.

  2. Wicked Plants is a great book by the way... stays right by my bed.


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