Tuesday, May 11, 2010


THE FOOLISHNESS, of those believing that good intentions suffice,
and the irrational infatuation of planting trees just for the sake of planting a damn tree is good, sorry folks, you are mistaken.  Trees are living creatures, beings in constant change.  

Roots and canopy spread, trunk, bark and branches on one hand.  Its architecture just like a building, size, flowers, fruits, seeds, leaves, shape, diseases, insects and uses are pertinent to keep in perspective and the only reasons to plant any tree.  Anything else is crap.

A tree that is alive and standing has beauty or not depending on the
beholders eyes, but more relevant, depends on where was it  planted.
Besides aesthetics, shade, it could provide fruits, wood, resins, fragrance and medicine for people.  Shelter, home for fauna.

Once is cut,  trees provides wood for construction, musical instruments, mulch, paper and else.

THESE people preaching like medicine men the planting of trees in Puercorico, the concrete/asphalt isle, do they have any research, practice in the matter, to recommend any tree for particular contexts?

For example, if in the Puertorican Trees fad, could any of you tell me,
us, the growth speed of some of the Puercorican trees by species?  The final height after five/ten/twenty years, life cycle, diseases, insects, tolerance to wet feet, drought, heat, sun, soil conditions, acid/alkaline?

Are your preferred trees adequate for cities, sidewalks, urban contexts
where they are more needed, since the heat is more intense around concrete/asphalt?

Or are these Puercorican trees more adequate for the backyard in necks of the woods where some of their promoters reside?  Places
where the environment is nothing like a square/regtangle in a sidewalk,  highway/road median with heat, C02, no water, mutilated with machetes and chainsaws yielded by ignorant illiterate maintenance imported/natives pica palos de autopista. In the private
public sector.

If you are going to plant trees in any context, except the one above...
Hurra, hip, hip, good for you. Just do it quietly and go home and
rest peacefully.

However if you all of YOU are planting, going to plant in the urban
context, without these considerations, I reiterate, you are a bunch
of ignorant fools....Repeating the Plant, Plant, Plant mantra without
any knowledge of the issues.

Planting a tree is not just digging the hole, placing the root ball correctly with a classical and often unnecessary tutor...and that is that.
No one talks about care SCUMBAGS, could you mention your plans
to care for these million trees jerks? O should divine inspiration come
for HEAVEN, to make sure they grow healthy and properly pruned?
If not SCREW you. FOOLS..time to go...


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