Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I HAVE BEEN watching the scene from many angles, for years now.  The population in general does not know which way to go.  The herd depends on one eye men leaders, goats taking care of the lettuce or wolves with sheep skins.

Our patrimony should not be rice, beans, roasted pork, or bomba, plena, seis, danza only. Architecture is also part of it. One  architecture that would set us apart from other countries a obsessive fascination from the flag flaunting mass with any excuse. Unfortunately, the architects sold their integrity for big bucks. As a result the San Juan metro zone is mostly match boxes. In the vertical or horizontal modes.

It is amazing when one think of the variety of construction materials available in the world to construct, to create, sticking with stick with just one.  These pictures show a little part of the whole. One example of how the originality, individuality in our residences was erased with the Leavitt and Sons cookie mold housing projects.  Architects, project designers, contractors, engineers and banks are responsible for plastering the whole island with structures that are hot, ugly, unfriendly to people and the environment.

This post continue later with other wooden and concrete structures in

apagad e iros.

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