Tuesday, April 5, 2011


SOME amay be wondering. Could this be true? Antigonum going the
Higuaca Guanica
scuba doggs
Arboles de Puerto Rico



All the above are talentless people who used/use the environmental issues with little or whole ignorance about essential matters except making a profit, or a little bit of money, without credentials and or credibility. At least judging as a critic with my credentials and standards. 

La Chiguingua, or the just commerce clan, at least never hid their intention, friends of Alberto Areces and a prophet Joel, who refused to tell me the lotto winner,screw them.

Everyjuan recycles, reuses, turns the electricity and water off or suggest that you wipe your butt with recycled toylett paper as the prophet above to save trees.
I in turn designed and created this exclusive hanging and not hanging tin cans. They are more attractive and expensive than the crap offered by the rainforest gardener in Florida.

THE Camile Roldan Collection consists of  2 ocre colored  wide tin cans and  galvanized bucket for the accessible price of  EU 300. The package includes my own soil, certificate of originality and autograph. If you live in Puerto Rico and prefer personal delivery, it could be done for EU500.

The tall and narrow green hanging cans Liliana Ramos Collado Collection are going for EU400 and EU600 with personal delivery and the  above works. 

Let the record show this Liliana character is one working in some useless museum and the muse for these tin pots. As it happened, when I mentioned a tree soon to fall in their property museum and their  impressive stupidity using a rare lawn in the metro area to park cars, she made one mistake. She got cute quoting Shakespeare and some other crap about happy mediums and Versailles. Well, almost a year later the parking and the falling tree are still there. There. Fool.

On the reuse theme, tin cans go to the waste dumps daily by the thousands, ground coffee, dry leaves by the tons. These are the soil components I have always used.  One could use the wires from those ridiculous plastic baskets from nurseries. Or instead of 3 holes, make 2 as i do any wire will do.  You could create, develop the concept with fishing line, leaving the impression your cans hang in the air from a distance.

You could go folkloric leaving the cans without any spray paint, showing the brand. Liliana used Keebler, in our house and most Puerto Rico it was Sultana.  

Next time you read in feisbuk the incredible amount of stupid advice, good for template countries in the first world, to save the earth, think locally and create something. Stop repeating like a fool what others say. Another little notch please.

apaga i vamonoh. 



  1. You are so harsh! But the humor and sarcasm on your variety of topics makes up for it...I need to come up with a New Mexico version of "everyjuan"!!

    A landscape designer in Tucson I know, who enjoys all kinds of folk and recycled garden features, hates all the junk gardening stuff in Arizona, including by other designers in the area she lives in. They call it "barrio gardening".

  2. Lo invito a pasear una vez más por Santa, en lo vivido, un post que si existe pero no apareció.

    Hasta pronto.

  3. I like your hanging pots from recycle items! Very brilliant idea and tastefully done.

    I like your narrow garden also. You have wonderful plants/vines and all nicely put together. Those black grills and white walls are cool background :-D


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