Thursday, April 7, 2011


WHILE me English has been developing slowly, my harsh, unforgiven ways somewhat mellowed, my photographic skills are improving in my view, my eyes, the ones that matter.

If you have enjoyed some of my pictures in the past, now you could visit the link to your left.  Somehow, I believe that my ways dealing with these blogs will take a different turn.  I am getting tired of preaching in the concrete/asphalted desert, locally.  Nevertheless,  I have felt great response and feedback from far away lands no matter what the subject was.

It is really ironic but who cares...I have those people in my thoughts often and wish them well.  When I visit their blogs or read their comments I feel there is some hope in the world for better things.

At least in the far away lands.  Over here, the son/daughters of beaches in every segment of the population are mentally catatonic, unable to recognize talent, originality, creativity, vision and cojones, IN GENERAL, my humility, allows me to see a couple of needles in the local haystack.  

that is that...until next.
I have tons of pictures
never used, and those already made public
will certainly look better.. 
besitos i abrazos


  1. Sin duda tiene fotos que nos muestran cosas que nos dan una idea de su lugar de residencia,veamos que nos muestra en adelante... esperaremos el momento.

    Hasta pronto SeƱor, un abrazo.

  2. Todas las fotos estan de maravillas, y mas importante es que ilustran tus escritos, siempre es una delicia poder "palpar" visualmente la realidad de otros lugares. Un saludo.


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