Tuesday, April 26, 2011


SOME FANS AND FOES, may have wondered...Well here is I. With natural bilingual laugh. I have been working on a concrete project.

The constant looking at it, every day, indoors, outdoors; smelling the sour sweet smell of if when hot, after some rain, really overwhelming. A pain in the ass if I may. I am under the suspicion that the murdering of aesthetics, the general dullness, lack of imagination, the impossibility of modulating the voice, the constant hollering and loud stereos is an evil influence from concrete and asphalt.

I know, no joy yet, at any rate, if you want to transform any concrete pavement surface that has been painted as in my case, you need some money to buy five gallons of paint, masking tape, assorted brushes, a good pulse,  two rulers, a tape measure, chalk and crack filler.

Stay away from circles, I made that mistake as you will see in photos in a couple of weeks. Concentrate on designs with straight lines and angles, with occasional curves. 

Most important,  place your art in some context as I do: Rothko, Kandinsky and Pollock, not necessarily in essence, but spirit.

In this original work, not me first. That was four decades ago,  Tito Collazo, neighbor/graphic artist and Gladys Munhiz the juan and only, provided valuable suggestions regarding design and color scheme.

Stay with dark colors, the walking, dust and dirt will be less noticeable.  Keep in mind that any pavement is really part of of the garden, to enhance the vegetation, the space or enclosure as PJ Allen preaches.

If  YOU can not weed for forty or thirty minutes in a row, do not attempt this project. It is very hard on back, knees, neck and arm.  When you put things in perspective, the historical one, painting wise..you will wonder how in hell anyjuan will design or paint anything in a ceiling as in a Sixtine Chapel or like wise structure.
That is that

Glad if you like it or not...
Check FLICKR to watch all the pictures
from this stage of the work in progress.


  1. Ahora entiendo porque estaba tan fuera de la red, seguro que fue algo de trabajo.

    En horabuena, felicidades.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Ja ja!

    PJ Allen - must be who invited some folks to his place this week! Perhaps to find a right-hand person, help promote sponsors' products, ot just for fun? Some seem to melt in his presence for what he can do for them...cult of personality is sad. PJ - funny name - might be a good guy, but I have no idea.

    And nice linear ideas for old concrete. May as well make lemonade out of lemons. The US SW is the land of concrete and asphalt, so must make the most of that often.


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