Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I HAVE been pondering about the isle  difficulties to solve problems.  In reality, virtual or abstract.  It seem related to some genetic inability to grow, to develop useful concepts that may transform as times go by. In turn they could applied to life in general. That life shared with people or as  individual.

The tittle of this post could have been: Cuando yo era pipiolo*.  Right out of high school, in college.  For your humble servant the Palestinians were then the victims, the Israelites the evil ones. USA the bad, Cuba, China, Russia the hope for the proletariat. A totally Manichean world, still is for them felines. Black or white.

Forty years later, me stance is clear.  Israel is the only contention civilized people have in the west, against the  Islam fans, blowing unlucky bystanders and each other for theological differences.  In addition to share power and money making possibilities.

Los cuatro gatos or four felines that historically have demanded, claimed freedom have to change their discourse and register. How could they explain the lack of following, indifference, except  among some anointed zealots? Assimilation? Brain washed population? Coloretes/Azulotes?

Recently I made a squashing argument in a mockable blog regarding the timing of certain book published about CAL or 
Comandos Armados de Liberacion.  As an anarchist, I do not have any respect for anyjuan applauding terrorism in Palestine, ETA or al Qaeda, here, there, anywhere.  It makes no difference. Even if this isle group passed away and some are still in jail.

Minga/Petraca Blog Guild is into the four felines mentality. I belonged to the Tonho Gonzalez era of  PIP*. The four felines are unable to get along. They all want to be the chief.  But that is only one of their handicaps.

The rhetoric, register, nomenclature still sounds pretty much cold war times. The widow sucks, since freedom of speech for her stiff jointed ideas, music in particular: Olga Tanhon, Juanes and Los Angeles Negros to name a few, may/may not have any value except for those objects one put on shelves for termites to munch on. 

This post leaves no doubts as to which way the shots are going.  One should not depend on shitty newspapers, radio or television to generate ideas, criticism that is mostly lame and trivial, 

Our problems: urban chaos without enforcing of any plans, judges and legislators for sale,  tax evaders, money launderers, shitty schools, teachers, hospitals, no public transportation, lack of decent roads/highways, unemployment, drug traffic, overpopulation, constant traffic jams, pollution of soil, water, air, sound waves and environmental destruction is a result of imbeciles without imagination, balls to do what is right without fear of offending those with money power.

The colony is the excuse to have created these useless, monster, unproductive, hopeless society, exploiting the metropolis and blaming her for ALL our problems, lack of imagination and vision.

Take your freedom urge and shove it, or Give me librium or give me Death.
 that is that

Puerto Rican Independence Party 



  1. Your position the four felines is similar to my stance on religion. I have always followed the christian principles, even in my agnostic death metal days, or the days on spiritism and methaphysics.
    Eventually one finds out that on the long run that it is all zealots with a leader, doing a religion on what they criticize.
    So I am still a christian, with an open mind. Taking the seed, ignoring the weeds.
    Independence is a nice ideal. Do I see an independent Puerto Rico? No, because we are a codependent society that does not want to work towards their freedom. When the masses ignore the malls, the federal benefits and live frugally within their means change will happen automatically. No more codependence.

  2. True anarchism seems to be about being proactive, not what the controllers have redefined it as, to protect their booty (terrorism). Same is true with landscape and urban design, plants, etc. But too bad for them, we have the Internet and too many like-minded people meet, and it is unstoppable - at least it seems!

  3. Israel como muro de contención? Franco hablaba del contubernio judeomasónico y de como su país era el baluarte de la civilización. Israel tiene de civilizado lo que los terroristas de ecuánimes. La otra es que practica el terrorismo de estado, pero esa es otra. El PIP murió tal vez en el 74 y el anarquismo old fashion en el 36. Habrá mas muertes a medio plazo. El terrorismo viene en muchos colores y sabores, como los helados. Enigüei, interesante el escrito. agur

  4. Beato the four felines, the old and the new are stuck in the quicksand of la patria.

    David, los Palestinos deberian mudarse con sus vecinos ULTRA ricos productores de petroleo. Israel es un estado de derecho, con magnifica punteria,excelente ejercito que le ha pateado el trasero a sus enemigos. Al carajo el terrorismo, i las teorias de libertad academicas, incluyendo el terrorismo de estado. Que terrorismo de estado hay por aqui?

    Desert Dweller that is what I have been trying to do, to be all I can be, proactive without expecting anything in return.
    Nothing to sell here.

    Thanks to all for the feedback..

    Almost forgot, Christianity like other theological interpretations of life, ways of life has its merits.

    I do not question any, only the urge to impose among others ANY religion. Islam, Hinduism, to name two. It seems they are always killing each other within their own faith, or the neighbor, village, country with another: Pakistan/India for example.


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