Saturday, April 9, 2011



MY vocation to demonstrate stupidity and indifference gets more simple through architecture.  Men enjoy playing, God, you know
the creation and such. Well, in PR, the concrete asphalted isle, there are structures with difficult to determine values. For a few considerations, one, beside the metallic/real estate,  there are,  sentimental, historical and aesthetics.

The over abundant fools will demand my credentials in such, I do not need any. The photos will show well kept, designed structures, with correct scale and proportion, detail, care, use of space, angles, curves and/or landscape.  Or the contrary, ugly concrete boxes, many abandoned for decades. These excludes abandoned ones with the virtues/values mentioned.

Check them out. Click on those links on your left.

Now lets get to our thing. The doctor or witch one if you prefer relates to my collection with medicinal virtues I have never discussed in detail. 

Occimun basilicum is better known for the eating and cooking..Try the leaves, fresh on top of pizza. or di scramble eggs,  it is a trip.  Ear aches? Squeeze the leaves, a few drops will do it. In a tea mode it suppress nausea  menstruation, nervous migraines, headaches. To name a few there are ten more problems that could be solved with different part of the plant.  I wash my hands.  Let that be me disclaimer.  
To be continued..

I am tire, befoe I leave.
Palabras con luz. 
Looking at it, the gardening spectrum is divided among organic, inorganic practitioners, vegans, hollistic yoga fools, landscape architects, agronomists, commercial, private, residential practices,
educator/preachers/monitor environmentalists and the rest of people who had never planted to watch it germinate a damn seed of
 bean or corn worrrying about OUR imminent, future famine in PR.  To all the above: Keep on trucking. Cada loco con su tema. 
Antigonum rules.

apaga i vamonos.

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