Monday, April 4, 2011


PABLO Escobar Gaviria was portrayed as a merciless butcher by the moral, fundamentalists of the imperialist, global, 'democratic' forces in USA.

However, when I look back I do not know of any philanthropist building housing, futbol courts,  providing electricity and water connections for the wretched of the world.

The theological and political butchering among those Shiis and Sunnis is it more palatable to anyone?

I believe the reason why the countries of consumers insist on a senseless war against producers, manufacturers, packers and distributors of ANY drug, is the lack of possibilities to corner, manipulate or monopolize those industries as they do with everything else.

TheAmerican Medical and Sychiatrists* Association would be losers if these drugs become legal, since in alliance with pharmaceuticals  both have a monopoly with the manufacture   of drugs for this or that disease they have conveniently defined and  prescribed the medication.

When I look around and observe all these obscenely fat people of all ages due to anxiety,  junk food, soda and lack of exercise I think of the legality of killing yourself eating like a hog and none of the agencies mentioned think or consider making these murdering staples illegal for minors.

Drugs are here to stay. Unfortunately those countries against it should realize for once and all the rule of  offer and demand. After all, drug traffickers have not request any bail outs from government or tax payers to save their operations since they do not speculate irrationally with the money from gullible and avaricious fools.

A note from the editor
 No more useless letters*

Save the bales! 
Give me librium or give me death.

Sixties slogans

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  1. Es difĂ­cil analizar nuestros actos, para eso es necesario una mente serena. Al observar la naturaleza tan cerca y ver todos los detalles e imaginar los que no puedo ver a simple vista, y Tan lejos con las constelaciones muy, muy lejos. Pienso para que droga si con esto tengo.
    Mas necesitarĂ­a estar en los zapatos de otras personas, ya que hay mucho sufrimiento en el mundo.

    Hasta pronto un abrazo.


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