Wednesday, April 13, 2011


DURING THE MONTH of February 2011, on the 20th, it was featured in the post GUERRILLA ATTACK!

I discovered it while returning from a trip to the hardware store. The feeling was not new since it is not the first time something I plant is destroyed or stolen.

But things must be kept in perspective. Check this out. There is a bridge, Dos Hermanos, not far from here. It had beautiful art deco bronze lamps in its columns. The junkies with the aid of our incompetent police force stole them. Two or three years ago...

The Carnegie Library, a historical building  from the 1920's on your left, has been in this pathetic stage of abandon, while remaining open to the public since 1989.  The jackasses in charge, even allow termites to climb on the concrete to feed from the wooden ceiling as you see in the pictures.  Even the zinc on the roof is rotted.

For those reasons I am not that sad or angry. The stealing of any plant, considering the decay of this society as a whole,  in the literal and figurative sense of the language is more pathetic.

Click on the links to observe this photos in flickr...It is a Believe it or Not situation.  
thata is that.
dario apaga la luz.


  1. I wish we could both influence our respective civic "leaders" to take care of what they have, instead of trashing everything only to rebuild garbage later. Like not give them any money for buying new toys unless they use and maintain their existing toys properly...

  2. En mi país si esta abandonada una construcción se roban hasta ta tubería del agua, que es de cobre. Últimamente las ha dado por robarse las tapas de las alcantarillas que son de fierro, las quitan por las noches cuando todo mundo duerme, son unas verdaderas ratas. Y no les remuerde la conciencia de que hasta alguna persona se pueda romper un pie, al sufrir un accidente por caer en esos huecos.

    Como dices apaga y vamonos, pero estar pendientes de lo que nos rodea..


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