Wednesday, July 4, 2012

4 JULY 2012 POST

IT Seems that everyjuan went to the beach to eat the classical menu of hot dogs, hamburgers, chicken, potato salad like there is no tomorrow washed down with the usual beer or soda pop.

I considered doing the same, following the gregarious herd, but decided otherwise. to be productive, in my own eyes.

Two out of 3 chairs were restored. One of  teak, left to go. One was found recently on a street nearby during my strolls,  The original photo is below with the tall blue/gray grass.

Linseed oil does the trick, with a little sanding, one inch brush and that was that. The one used for grass  pot was reinforced with  a yellow nylon string.

After that, with some time left I decided to share the squatters situation at home and seven houses up the street, where  someone decided to occupy the residence shown in the photos. There are no windows for ventilation, water or electricity.

The fellow, from a foreign isle, has a vehicle as anyjuan can see. Things have changed since my younger days...

In the USA, people in the 1960's had some political views and skills to restore
abandoned buildings left to rot by avaricious landlords not interested/willing to pay back taxes.  Often the police proceeded to kick them squatters butts...since the status quo preferred to let the buildings rot, rather than fix them.

About the tittle, I can say that USA lost all  prestige and power it had during the 1950's.  Korea and Vietnam were part of their own domino theory during the Cold War, more recently in countries with  names ending in  'tan' or 'ak/an'.  Almost every country in America the continent, had its butt kicked, actually injured. The most recent was Panama, where thousands of natives were murdered to arrest Noriega, a former friend.  After every kick, slap, kill, democracy was the sound off, that has not changed.

Even if one has affection for the people, cuisine, movies, music,
scenery, literature and  culture, has received love and affection from them ladies, job opportunities impossible here, the truth is their government, financial, banking, commercial entities ruined their population standards of living with the trend to move every damned industry to far away cheap labor oceans.  and effectively killed 'the better future' for themselves and new arrivals.

Capital has no love for fatherlands or motherlands. That is the sad truth. The USA has no other way to go but down, just like those countries in Europe, following their economic modes...Now is England's Barclays....Who's next?

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