Friday, July 13, 2012


YOU may  remember the arrival of our subject in the tittle nine weeks ago.  The consequences in the garden and the constant testing
of yours truly patience.  Titania gave some suggestions and support.

What do you know?  In a conversation with me wife, a former co-worker of yours truly, started a conversation about this intercontinental people's gardener or Mr. Congeniality if you prefer.

Lalo came into the picture and Missis Baba Portalatin, the mentioned co-worker-- no relation to the mythical and legendary thief  Ali Baba--, noticed the shape of his ears,  spots on face and body, giving her expert opinion, since she has one.

Our hero is mixed with Jack Russel Terrier. His pain in the arse personality, hyper activity cured with Ritalin in children of similar condition with ADD, is defined, described as Flamboyant personality.

The constant biting, playful and not so, the archaeological activity digging holes in me garden, rhythmic running with intermittent jumps Bambi like, and high jumps in moments of excitement.

Not a nice picture for a grouch, with a need for extreme quiet and peace at home.

There is more about Lalo and his personality. An incredible capacity to forgive is shown when noticing the bastards who left him sick  five or six houses up the street, when they pass in front of our house, greeting them as if nothing ever happened.

On top, the mail man likes Lalo, calls him by his name, showing some unusual friendliness, that is mutual. Believe it or not.

Lalo requires lots of attention, I making an effort to comply.  In other departments, after relocating some plants in the south garden, now I am into pot exchange.  Since Lalo jumps at anything calling his attention, flimsy pots are constantly on  the ground, screwing the plants once in a while...Well, they are now in concrete pots

Anolis lizards will have to be alert, since our companion, enjoys jumping on them with some sort of happiness, squashing them. The same goes for anything flying: bees, flies, beetles. His eye/ear coordination is so acute, he follows their flight in the dark.

That is that.

You may check Lalo's debut in youtube:


  1. Good morning Antigonum; Just read the woes about your Lalo. Reading about his temperament you must have the patience of an angel. I think Lalo is a street kid, did not know a good family life and was never taught rules. I have a Jacky and he is now 5 years old, he has quietened a lot, and is no trouble at all. Has his moments of exuberance; but that is normal.Interestingly leaves the wildlife alone. I guess you have to take him out for long runs and teach him your rules around the house. As he is still a young fellow he will learn. It would be a shame, if he
    could not settle down and wear out your patience. I had to laugh that he still greets the bastards with a wagging tail...dogs have such a forgiveness in them and I guess for him it was normal he did not know a different life until you took him in and cared for him. It's called bonding, good or bad.

  2. Thanks for the feedback. As I get to know his moods, the transition is going fine. Just attention, patience, playing and scratching his belly will do..

    On the other hand, when I think of it, due to my views on people in general, I really have not much choice...


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