Monday, July 2, 2012


PAIN  in the arse, the heat and drought. Fortunately, down here we have had some rather timid showers, the kind lasting 10 or less minutes, cleaning the Saharan dust in most leaves, with a little cooling effect on the predominant concrete/asphalt.

Since the last feature, I have been into gardening activities like irrigating,  over five hundred gallons, a dry wall style paving in Diva's former water closet with miss match materials collected and chosen by texture/color or the hell of it..

Some Guerrilla Activity took place in the San Carlos, stop 27, recently. After the most recent and first trimmer raid, everything was almost bare, but nature, vegetation always returns with a little help from your friend. 

I planted 3 Poliscyas and  20  beans from seeds. Their flowers are pretty, their taste meaningless.
There is new gueto/inner city grafic aggression or

The bastards practicing this expensive attacks--cans of spray paint go for $9 and over-- pull out my plants and those growing naturally to paint or so their works of art can be seen clearly.

In the most documented garden, I laid the pavement at left,  hoping to have some plants growing in betweenies soon.

In addition, a nice looking wild DK grass, planted for Diva's palate moons ago,  has been promoted to ring side status. It has a green/blue color and coarse, razor blade edges. It was an element missing in the collection, height and fluffyness.

The tittle?  One of those movies from Spain our Moderland,  that marks one's life. It could have never been made in USA--the story spinning around ugly people--where everyjuan has to look pretty and artificial as in Hollywood.

I may add that in the country who gave hot dogs to humanity, using the term FEO=UGLY, would create much debate, since you can not use nigger or deaf or blind. It is visually impaired. The film would probably have created hot debates within the human rights vigilantes. It would be: Que se mueran those lacking beauty.

The movie is certainly odd in terms of dialogue, plot and action. The humour is reduntdantlly hillarious. The photography, acting, music, landscapes and direction superb! Sorry no shots, rapes, mayhem or special effects with cars in mid air, policemen and such.



  1. Se ven sanas tus plantas me encantan.
    Seguramente la mitad del mundo estaría muerto por feo, ya que solo ellos son "bonitos", claro a base de cirugías y kilos de tintes para el pelo y pintura para la cara y miles de cosas más. Superconsumidores de cosas que están acabando con todo.

    Un abrazo.

  2. Sin embargo, en mi caso, he preferido la mujer fea con alguna topografia significativa, i preferiblemente con criterios, opiniones que pueda debatir, dialogar, a lo opuesto.

    Por otro lado he conocido mujeres que son feas para las personas comunes con gustos comunes i corrientes, que realmente eran hermosas, solo que se salian del estandar cultural del espacio circundante.



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