Saturday, July 21, 2012


I  MOSTLY watch the BBC or RTV for news*.  Thank god for both. The have mostly well dress, efficient, not posing,  nice looking women. Handsome men with nice speech patterns and voice. The women from the former empire, are ethnics from those far away natural resources and cheap labor producing countries of yesterday.  In the bull fighting and San Fermin following country, they look like models in a runway, sitting  
down of course.  Sorry, no ethnics in Spain.

The news from England are mostly about Asia, Africa, Arabs and Hebrews.
I am getting pretty sick and tired of hearing and watching news about Syria.  But wait,  it seems the majority of the state soldiers are Sunnis..  If you have some collective or individual memory, you probably remember that in one of those countries with AK/AN in their names, they blow  each other up in weddings or going to church to praise Allah and whatever theological differences.

So there goes their fight for 'freedom' and 'better future'. It requires no more debate or pondering. Never mind the return of cold war former enemies China, Russia and USA with opposing views as to resolution possibilities. Only weapons manufacturers are happy these days in those latitudes.

In Spain, their news are mostly about themselves. Sports and the financial bankruptcy, created by embezzlement and avarice that became an epidemic for the last twenty years in most countries with significant power and economies. That on one hand, on the other, the high interest rates they will have to pay their banking, state and financial sectors good will saviors.  There are not many news about those getting rich lending to save the poor in this vale of tears.

On top, those not unemployed, retired with pensions paying more for food, gas, electricity, public transport, rent, alcohol, smokes and else, in addition of receiving less for salaries and pension.  What will the unemployed do, I can not imagine, in Spain and everywhere else.

That brings this report to the end.  Looking at the starving kids from Africa I thought of how simple the solution to starvation is: no children. Period. The good heart countries in the recent past giving food away for charity or guilt or both, could no longer be able to do that.  They will have no food to spare and even less money.. 

That jungle rule, survival of the fittest, will become a mantra everywhere.  Those who think migrating to some other country than their own may help, will do so. Good luck.

that is that 

*  In Puerto Rico men and women in the local news look like
puercas/puercos de Juan Bobo, fat, squat, with ugly
squeaky or too grave voices. Artificial speech exaggerating
the pronunciation or R's ans S's pretending to be sophisticated,
a 7 out of 10 in most channels.  Their clothes and accessories 
make the women look like indigent elementary  public school  teachers.
Men can not afford a tailor, their suit always looking
of the cheap persuasion.  Bless their heart.

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