Saturday, July 28, 2012


ONE thing disturbs your humble servant every time I see that Faberge egg looking glass structure in London, ruining the sky line and the crooked BANKIA building in Spain they are so ugly, Puertorican architects, architecture comes to mind.

But let pesimism aside, lets look at the positive if you really believe running, jumping, shooting, throwing and walking for a medal has any social/moral value beside all the crap before and after is told regarding human effort and such..  

Another positive is knowing the butchery in Syria, the financial chaos in Spain moving to the abysm with the speed of Greece will take second or third place.

The National Inquirer aspect of the games will also be interesting,. The amount of athletes kicked out for using enhancement performance drugs or their freedom of speech as in the Greek girl being 'racist'.  I calculate between ten/15 percent athletes  will be caught now or later. So far most of those caught so far most are from countries in the former Soviet block, a reminder of East Germany dominant decades  with their butch/man looking female athletes from the Cold War days, when the Olympics were also the capital versus the social/comnunist way of life.

Finally, CONGRATULATIONS to England. The 12,000 millions of sterling pounds were well spent. How many countries can display their perception of the self, history, their own in four or five hours?  I was astounded by the 7 'polluting' chimneys...the Industial responsible for the earth warming or not?

that is that. 

a note for the editor
Mr. Culson, better win that
gold medal or do not COME BACK.
Remember BAREA!  


  1. How do we move forward when so much crumbles around us? I agree with you on much of this. I enjoy cultural interpretations of the games at the opening cermonies. Quite the contrast to the former China:)

  2. During the Mexico Olympics, some black athletes from the USA, lifted their black gloved hands im protest against their own apartheid political and social system of oppression.


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